What Causes Climate Change
and Global Warming?

What causes climate change is a hot debate these days! Even if you don’t believe in climate change and global warming, you cannot deny we are in a time of great change. A big shift is taking place on this planet and in our solar system. All the planets in our solar system are going through radical changes of their own. So yes, we are a part of a greater natural cycle that is unavoidable.

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On Earth, human civilization is now largely unsustainable, built on beliefs that we can use up all the resources, alter environment and ecosystems, cause mass extinction of species, and actually put the human race at risk of extinction. Because if we continue on this current path that is exactly what will happen.

How close have we come to a global disaster with the Japanese nuclear crisis? Don’t you find it incredible that a race of people (they are not the only ones!) have built nuclear power plants on the most unstable ground on the planet? That sounds like a death wish because if you yourself were thinking of building one, you would of course first look for stable ground. Well wouldn’t you?

We are seeing an evolution in the consciousness of whole countries of people in the Middle East and Africa in their push for democracy. That is a monumental movement of a collective state of mind. Many of the political structures that have held sway for a very long time are toppling. The urge for personal freedom meets with strong resistance from the established order. Economic structures are toppling too, country by country.

The news may be frightening to watch at the moment as it seems like one disaster after another, both economic, social and natural. We now live in times of social upheaval and violent religious conflicts. I live in Toowoomba, Australia, it is on top of a mountain and we had our own disaster in January 2011 - an inland tsunami!

I believe we need these inefficient and unsustainable structures, (economic, social and city infrastructure) humans have built to topple, crash. With unsustainable societal foundations and structures, the only thing we can do to fix them is put band-aids on them. Fix them back up. But, really, is that sensible. If the world is not working as it is; and let’s face it, it isn’t, then wouldn’t we need to build back up with entirely new systems and structures that will work, that are sustainable, and support life for all species?

So What causes climate change and global warming? I do believe that we are in the midst of a naturally occurring cycle of planetary change, but we are making everything worse for ourselves by polluting our own nest, our food supply, our waterways, and killing masses of other species in the process.

I ask you to bring balance to your lives, and in all your decisions consider if what you are doing and buying supports life and a new world of sustainable living. We have to tread gently upon this Earth and have respect for ALL life. Keep your eyes on a better future, but make changes in your life now to support it.

We actually must embrace these changes that are happening rather than lament and struggle against them. There is much grief and heartache in these disasters, but some wonderful and amazing stories also come out of them. Communities and people come together and help each other in ways that touch hearts. This is how we should be when no disaster has occurred. All the time! In touch with each other, helping and supporting each other.

We must resist the impulse to rebuild in the same ways we have in the past. Where is the sense in that? If a building falls down in an earthquake, on a major fault line, should we then build another similar building on the same ground? Or would it be better to rebuild away from fault lines and use different methods and materials to build anew?

This planet and our civilization can move into a wonderful future, but only if we make change happen in our own lives. Spend your dollars wisely and make a green vote with your dollars. It is a change in our belief system that is called for and I believe it is the only way to a better world unless some higher power is about to bless us with a magic wand. But honestly, I think it might be up to us to fix the damage we have done.

It is time to wake up from this collective dream called Consumerism. We buy so much stuff we just don’t need and don’t actually want. Make as many changes in your lifestyle to live greener, healthier and in balance with your environment and nature. If you do that, you will stand in good stead for any greater changes that may come.

When a disaster occurs, if your home is one that is still standing, one of the first things you will lose is your electricity and then water supply. That can continue for weeks! In a situation like that, I don’t know about you, but I would want some solar power, solar hot water and a water tank.

In our personal lives, it is important for us to look at where we are holding on to old patterns that no longer serve a greater vision of ourselves as individuals and as a global civilization.

Watch this interview with top health professional Bruce Lipton to understand more about what causes climate change, global warming and our health problems, and how we can make a difference in our own lives.

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