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Why whole food Vitamins?

The vast majority of what is found in your local vitamin store are vitamins and supplements which are actually synthetically made. These vitamins are chemical compounds that have been manufactured in a laboratory to mimic the molecular structure of organic or natural vitamins found naturally in food. They contain only an isolated equivalent of organic vitamins and are not natural.

You might feel you benefit from taking the synthetic vitamins but you are not getting the full benefit you would get from eating a full range of organic foods, which of course would be the absolute best way to nourish yourself. And be aware that synthetic vitamins and supplements may also contain coal tars, artificial coloring, sugars, preservatives, starch, and other additives.

The trouble is, it is not always easy to get organic foods, they can be expensive, you might have to do a lot of driving to find them and many of us don't have the time to shop, prepare and eat organically. But these contain all the necessary organic vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and enzymes that our bodies need for life and optimum health.

See my Health Food Store Directory to save you all that driving and time shopping around for organic food.

That is why I shop for most of my organic food online, from stores that sell organic natural food and whole food supplements.

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