Vegetarian crock pot recipes
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Some of the best vegetarian crock pot recipes me from Judith Finlayson and are neatly packaged in the latest edition of her wonderful book, The Vegetarian Slow Cooker: Over 200 Delicious Recipes

This book of simple vegetarian recipes is illustrated in full colour and this edition includes 100 new recipes that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Using a slow cooker, you can prepare it in the morning and arrive home to a ready-to-eat and delicious home-cooked meal.

Vegan-friendly recipes clearly identified so anyone searching for vegan slow cooker recipes would do well with this book.

Finlayson’s vegetarian crock pot recipes give you maximum certainty of success with minimum attention and work.

The Vegetarian Slow Cooker: Over 200 Delicious Recipes

Another wonderful book jam packed with vegetarian ctrock pot recipes is...
Top 30 Easy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes for Busy Women: Set It and Forget It (First Vegetarian Recipes Cookbook for Busy Women)

So happy slow-cooking! I am off now to try my hand at a vegetarian lasagne in the slow cooker. I have an abundance of broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potato out of my garden. This will be an experiment so stay tuned...I will post the recipe and pictures in a couple of days. I have loads of work to do this afternoon so the crock pot is definitely my friend today!

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