Solar Tubes Bring Daylight Into Your Home or Commercial Space

...but free you from ongoing lighting costs

What is a Solar Tube?

Solar Tubes, also known as solar light tubes, light pipes, and tubular skylights, dramatically reduce the need for artificial lighting. They allow sunlight to flow down a shaft, through a diffuser and into the home giving you an effect called daylighting. This daylighting means you have illumination consistency, or natural, healthy sunlight without turning lights on. Homes which weren’t designed to be energy efficient will have one or more dark rooms, hallways, storage spaces, washrooms, and garages.

Commercial spaces – shops, offices, manufacturing floors, can also benefit greatly from installing solar tubes. I had a shop once that had about 20 lights installed in the ceiling. They regularly blew because the wiring was a bit dodgy and I had to have them on all day. It was a single story building so just 2 or three solar tubes would have made an enormous difference to my energy bills and also the cost of replacing the bulbs weekly.

Are they the same as Skylights?

Solar Tubes are vastly improved skylights. You might have experienced skylights which allowed heat and cold in as well as light, and many had problems with them leaking. These innovative natural lighting tubes do no such thing they are designed to only allow in the daylight and are even effective on cloudy days. They just look a lot like a recessed light in the ceiling.

Are All Solar Tubes the same?

These solar lighting tubes come in all shapes and sizes to cater to your every need. For instance a closet or small storage room would only require a small solar tube, but a shop like mine was would need two or three small to medium ones. You will find solar light tubes to suit your space and lighting needs and reduce your need to flip that switch!

How can I turn down the light when I want to?

There are add-ons available for some solar tubes, including a daylight dimmer switch so you can turn down the light if you want to. Other add-ons include a fluorescent light kit for night time use and an integrated fan which allows you to ventilate the space.

Can I install one myself?

If you are a skilled handy-person then it can be a straight forward job, but make sure you read through the installation manuals and then decide if you have the necessary skills to do the job properly.

Here is a Step by Step demonstration on how to install one.

How much do they cost?

They cost anything between $160 to $400 depending on the size, length of the tube and add-ons you require. Professional installation will cost you anywhere between $200 and $250 depending on what your roof is made of, but if you are installing several tubes go for that all important discount!

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