Solar Power for Homes Gets
Easier and Cheaper

Solar Power for homes is one of the easiest types of renewable energy you can install. This is a growing market and these days it is no wonder, with electricity bills going through the roof. But the one big catch to installing solar power in homes, is the initial cost.

Did you know? A basic solar installation from a retailer can take 30 years to pay back and cost you well over $20,000?

That big outlay discourages and even prevents many people from installing solar power, the very thing that would solve their problems with their electricity costs.

Well there are alternatives. Have you considered DIY Solar Panels? You can now make solar panels at home! You can build a single panel or a complete array of panels to power your home for a fraction of retail cost. It is easier than you think.

You don't need to be a technician, anyone can make solar panels. It's really quite easy to make solar panels once you know a few industry secrets.

This easy to follow guide is broken down into step-by-step format that will walk you through the process of making your own solar panels and saving yourself $thousands.

Thousands of people have successfully built their own solar panels saving themselves money AND reducing their carbon footprint. 

Eliminate your power bill today with Green DIY Solar Power for Homes.

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