Use the Phases of the Moon Calendar
to attract what you want
into your life.

Just follow these simple steps...

My Phases of the Moon Calendar is the best way to attract what you want into your life. The Law of Attraction simply does not work if you ask for what you want once or twice...

You Have To Live It!

To make what you want a part of your daily living, using a phases of the moon calendar will keep you in natural rhythm with our planet and her satellite, the Moon.

It is probably a good idea to read Feng Shui Beginners Parts 1 & 2 before continuing on here.

Follow this phases of the moon calendar and I assure you,
if you are clear about what you want in your life,
you will begin to see it manifest.

A lot of people go looking for the new moon but no matter how hard you look you won't see it because it rises at sunrise and sets and sunset and the sun's light is too bright for you to see the tiny sliver of the moon.
This is the beginning of a new cycle and you might be stimulated to take new actions.
Visualize your goals for the lunar month ahead (about 29 and a half days). This is a good time to do something physical.

Write and commit to the goal you visualized at New Moon. You can put this written goal into a silver box; and also light a candle and write it out every day until the full moon.

Take the first actions necessary to achieve your goal. Talk to helpful people, send emails, make the magic begin.

Information will come to you from the actions taken at the first quarter. Just gather this information and analyze how it feels to you and your goal.

The illumination of the full moon throws a light on the goal you set at the New Moon. Make any adjustments based on the information you gleaned at the Gibbous Phase, and reset your goal. It is a good time to go out and receive confirmations that you are on the right path.

Further analyze any adjustments you made to your goal at Full Moon. Continue advancing toward your goal. Talk with helpful people about what you need to achieve your goal. Share your knowledge and practice random acts of kindness. Demonstrate your gratitude for what you have.

This is the time to take actions that will bring your goal to fruition. Follow-ups are important. You will now know what is and isn't working so take notes. Allow your goal to manifest!

This is the end of this cycle and also the beginning of another. Think about the cycle just passed and prepare for the new cycle starting. A good time to be alone, reflect on what is past, and let go of anything you don't need to hang onto.

Begin the process again and either work on the next phase of your last goal or start with a new one.

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