Do you know what the pesticides in food are doing to you?

Are they really that dangerous?

Pesticides are used today on almost every crop in the world…except on organic and pesticide free crops. These sprayed crops are then sold to the general public, fed to animals for public consumption and used in many other by products.

Chemical fertilizers are responsible for a multitude of sins too!

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People then eat this produce; cereals, grains, vegetables, fruit and meat. Yes the insects have been killed which you might think is a good thing. But these pesticides have been designed to KILL living organisms. If you think about this, you could not but come to a conclusion that maybe these dangerous chemicals might hurt us also, especially when we are eating them EVERY DAY.

Toxic Colon

Unfortunately these chemicals travel through our body, reach our colons and they remain there. This makes the colon toxic and slowly poisons our bodies.

The World Health Organization created the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), with the purpose of creating international guidelines for food safety. Despite the CAC’s stated focus of protecting consumers, the CAC approved seven of the most toxic chemical compounds known to man for use as pesticides to be used on food for animal and human consumption, without any concern about the possible consequences of regular ingestion of these pesticides.

These dangerous chemicals which were approved by the CAC are often referred to as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP). That means that they are persistent and not easily expelled. They may never be expelled from the body without help!

We are eating this on a daily basis, from fresh produce, meat and by-products. Some also runs off into the oceans and other bodies of water contaminating them and the creatures that live in them. Organoclorine, one of the major POP’s, may be responsible to contaminating the world’s seafood supply. No wonder health and nutrition experts are now saying that seafood is becoming unsafe to eat on a regular basis!

So how do you get it out of your food?

Well of course you do need to wash all your fruit and vegetables you buy but this won’t get these chemicals off your food completely because it can permeate the vegetable or fruit completely. The best thing you can do is to grow your own organically, and/or buy organic produce. Especially the crops that contain the highest amounts of pesticide residues; eg. broccoli, strawberries, celery and stone fruits.

How do I eliminate these toxins from my colon?

Cleanse your intestinal tract 2 to 3 times weekly to prevent toxins from accumulating in the colon and then seeping into the bloodstream.

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