Attract Wealth and Success With Office Feng Shui

Office Feng Shui is similar to the Feng Shui in the home and if you have read my other pages you will see the similarities. However, there are some standout tips that you need to know in office Feng Shui.

Have you noticed that money tends to blow into your life and it also blows out of your life. It is like the wind flowing in and flowing out affecting you and your life as it flows through your home and office.

If you have stale air in your home or office, then according to Feng Shui Principles, that symbolizes stale finances. So you can see that it is as beneficial to your finances to have a healthy strengthening indoor air quality as it is to your health.

Office Feng Shui is all about how to manage your office space, at work or in a home office, to yield prosperity.

Ensure the air quality is good: Regularly replace the air in your office by opening the windows or using an air purifier and quality, well-cared-for indoor plants. As we spoke about finances being akin to wind, then the cleaner the air in your office the better but you don’t need a wind blowing through just gentle air movement.

Display your logo: If you have a company logo have it on display even if you have a home office. Display it proudly along with any relevant certificates you have. You will also want to have any print promotional materials on display also.

Color: Green is a great color for business as it is the color of creativity and new ideas; always a good thing in business. If your logo colors do not include green then the best way to incorporate it is in plants as they have the added bonus of being alive. For the walls, light gray is a good business color and is not overpowering. Bring other colors in with the plants, rich wooden desk, and other furnishings.

Plants: Plants are great for the energy in your office so put them in the corners to keep the energy alive and an added bonus is they also grow fresh air for you. Do not let them die and give them an outing so they can get some fresh air and perhaps a shower. Avoid letting them stand in dirty water as that has a negative affect on the overall energy of the office.

Declutter! Offices are really about organization, order and efficiency so clutter should be eliminated. You can achieve this with the correct furniture for storing files, paperwork, books etc. Bills should not be on display on your desk, especially in a home office. If you see the bills all day then…well you know the saying; You create what you focus on. So invigorate your working space by clearing clutter and cleaning away dust and rubbish.

Always Use Recycled and Green Office Supplies: These days it is easy to find recycled paper to write and print on. In fact, there is a huge range of 'green' office materials available. Take a browse at The Green Office, you will be amazed at what is available.

Place the Desk in Command Position: The command position is a position of power and that is facing the door, with a direct view of the door. That said, it is best to not be in a direct line with the door. If you are, then half close the door if you can to slow down the Chi coming in the doorway. You will also need a wall behind you for stability and hopefully a nice view out a window. Ensure that you are not looking into a bathroom from your desk. If you can, then keep the door closed. A curved desk will encourage a creative flow.

Lighting: Ensure that there is no glare on your desk and computer or work station. Natural light from a window is the best but you don’t want sun glaring in your eyes either. The best artificial lighting to have is Full Spectrum CFL’s or LED’s.

If moving my office desk will make me more millions; then MOVE IT!
~ Donald Trump

Visitors to the office need a place to wait: The visitor reception area is the first impression of your business that every visitor will see so make it clear, clean and comfortable. Make sure they have something relevant to read e.g.industry magazines, books you have written, artwork and of course a well maintained fish tank can induce calm.

Lunch Room: IF you have staff you will need a lunch room with table and chairs, sink, cupboards, and a fridge. They will also need some way of heating food and maybe a toasted sandwich maker. A water cooler is also becoming a necessity these days. As an added extra, include some plates and cutlery.

First Aid Kit: Ensure a fully stocked first aid kit is in available and all staff know where it is.

Artwork: Be careful with your choice of artwork in an office. Use only pictures of success and successful people you want to emulate. If you manufacture soap then a picture of Dr Bronner would be much better than a picture of Beethoven. Make sure it is relevant to what you do and what you want to achieve. Look at the meaning of the picture; is that the meaning you want to attribute to your business?

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