Modern interior design ideas should also be Green!

Modern interior design ideas abound in magazines, TV shows and newspapers these days. In fact, there are so many now that it can become confusing; you know, too many choices!

You might be reading this website because you have an interest in going green and living a green lifestyle. If you do, then you should consider making your building or remodeling project a GREEN one.

I believe that these days, a Green Home Design is the best of all the modern interior design ideas. You can:

  • Save yourself energy and money in the long run with more efficient design, power supply and appliances.
  • Use materials and products that won't harm or poison you and your family.
  • Buy Fair Trade furniture, rugs, fabrics, and other products to support sustainable farming and manufacturing processes, families in third world industries, and organic industries.
  • Get more enjoyment from your Green Home you ever possibly could from a house that is power hungry and has poor/toxic indoor air quality.

If you have no idea where to start with a Green Build or Green Remodel, then go to:

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Green Home Designs

Healthy Homes

So buy your magazines to get all the modern interior design ideas you want, but remember to make green choices for all your designs, materials, fabrics, furniture and appliances.

Remember, some modern interior design ideas can be pretty way out so just remember before you sign an interior design contract or do the remodel yourself - check these basic rules first.

NEVER SACRIFICE FUNCTIONALITY for what you might think will look good. Of course affordability will no doubt come first, but if you focus on functionality, and that includes all the green design ideas, then you are over the first hurdle.

CONSULT WITH EXPERTS especially with kitchen and bathroom remodels.

ORIENTATION and PLACEMENT of the building, rooms, windows/doors, and furniture. Orientation for solar passive design is most important, with of course rooms and windows placed to optimize the seasons. So plan for winter sunshine and protection from wind; and summer breezes and protection from hot sun.

FURNITURE PLACEMENT is important too. We all have furniture that needs to be placed on a solid wall so think about where that furniture needs walls and design for it. If you have too many windows, glass panels and doors you may not be able to place your furniture where you want it.

INSULATING and HEATING need to be in the design plan especially if you've chosen under-floor heating. Insulating in the floors, walls and or ceilings will reduce your energy costs and make living in your home more comfortable, so do your homework on this one.

SECURITY and PRIVACY are a part of your functional requirements. It is a good idea to have some security measures in place if you are living in cities and towns, and your privacy is a necessary planning requirement. Plan for blinds, curtains, shutters and security grills if needed. There is a huge variety of options available now so go window shopping and choose the best option for you and your budget.

ELECTRICAL OUTLET PLACEMENT is just as important as the furniture placement. Know where you are placing your TV, stereo etc and plan for them.

SAFETY and YOUR HEALTH is paramount. If you are doing a remodel, can you safely live in the home while it is happening? Don't tox yourself out with paint (lead) dust, asbestos, mold, sawdust, and old dust. The noise may be extreme too so you might need to make alternative living arrangements while it is happening. It is a good idea to check on the progress and accuracy of the job each day or every couple of days though.

COLOR SCHEME will have a major effect on the overall look and feel. So take your time choosing and there are many interior design publications about to help you. Paint stores also have many brochures and experts to help you with your choices. If you are really undecided, then consider going for a neutral color scheme. You can then dress it up with your favorite colors in soft furnishings and artwork. Click here to visit Eco Safety Products, Your Green Building Supplier!

ENERGY RATINGS are displayed on all major appliances now so opt for the best rating you can afford to keep your usage and bills down. On major appliances like your stove/oven, it is best to allocate enough to get a good one. You will kick yourself later if you skimp on this. Always purchase a brand with a good/long warranty that can be serviced in your state/country if it ever needs it.

GAS or ELECTRIC or a COMBINATION? If you are planning some solar panels and a solar hot water heater, then you might want to consider gas for your cooking. It is clean and efficient but remember to have it checked for leakages every couple of years or as recommended by the manufacturer. If no solar is planned then you can also choose to have gas hot water. Talk to people who have had both and get figures on energy usage and efficiency before you decide.

So there you go, that's it! stick to the above pointers when looking for all those modern interior design ideas, and you won't go wrong.

Happy decorating!

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