The Best House Plants Encyclopedias

For Identifying, Care and Maintenance of House Plants

You've probably searched on house plants encyclopedia so I have posted a few for you to have a look at. These are my pick of the bunch for identifying house plants, house plants photos and the most common house plants.

1001 Answers to House Plant Questions
Specific Information on 258 of the Most Popular Houseplants

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If you are anything like me you might have killed a few poor indoor house plants along the way and I know I really don't like doing that to them. Most of them only just hang in there and don't look anything like the lush, healthy plants they were when I bought them.

So the house plants encyclopedias I have chosen here are ones that help you to identify house plants, have wonderful photos and also information on the care and maintenance.

You will also want to see my page on Common House Plants for the top indoor house plants for growing your fresh air! (as rated by NASA)
If you have a sunny window consider growing some gerbera daisies for great color and fresh air in your home.

**** In The House Plant Expert Book Two: The Must-Have Sequel to the World's Bestselling House Plant Book there's inspiring information on a really revolutionary idea: roomscaping, or the art of creating attractive, stylish features in the garden by combining one or more plants with non-living items. Gardeners will see inspiring examples of water and glass gardens and multiplant containers, and even learn how to make a solitary plant stand out.

**** Another one to check out is The Indoor Plant Bible: The Essential Guide to Choosing and Caring for Indoor, Greenhouse, and Patio Plants Profiled in these pages is a wide range of house plants, including colorful geraniums and cineraria, ambient ferns and palms, and the more exotic orchids and cacti. The Indoor Plant Bible is beautifully illustrated with more than 400 color photos. Create a beautiful garden space within your home using this comprehensive guide to the newest and most desirable of indoor plants.

**** 1001 Answers to House Plant Questions
Here is specific information on 258 of the most popular houseplants - from ableia to zephyr lily. Plus, all the basic questions you have about culture and propagation for every type of indoor plant. Anytime you’ve got a house plant question – this guide has the answer. Find out more...

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