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Homesteading today means something quite different than it meant over a century ago. Once upon a time, the work homesteading meant a way to earn free land from the government by proving you could live off it. These days it has evolved to encompass a way of life and living off your land in a self-sufficient way.

Homesteading today means to embrace self-sufficiency, frugal living, and living a simple lifestyle.

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What is self-sufficiency about?

Recently, our town suffered a weather crisis which saw our center city severely damaged, bridges and roads wiped out by extreme flash flooding, the likes of which we had never seen before. People died and we were cut off. This meant that no food supplies got through to a town of about 50,000 people and townships around us, for about a week.

Well, the panic buying that went on was human nature at its worst. The supermarkets had empty shelves and the fuel also dried up. No one could get out of the town either as the arterial roads were cut and great chunks of it were washed away, with the possibility of bodies, both human and animals, buried under the silt that covered great expanses of roads. Many people were missing.

Imagine for a moment that the systems we take for granted broke down for whatever reason.

The supermarket you rely upon no longer has food on its shelves, and no electricity is powering your lights, water and stove. You would be up the creek without a paddle, or at least going hungry for who know how long. Do you have any food stored, or drinking water to last 2 weeks if the taps ran dry?

Well, self sufficiency and homesteading today, means that you would have your own systems in place, solar power and water tanks. You would be raising your own chickens, growing vegetables and fruit trees, and baking your own bread. Sounds like a mini-farm doesn’t it?

Regulating your water consumption especially with a new garden is important in promoting a sustainable lifestyle in addition to lowering your utility expenses. Families today use a flow meter to achieve this.

The other reason to embrace this homesteading today, or urban farming you might call it, is to provide yourself and your family with the nourishment and chemical free produce you all need for true health.

So the more of these homesteading skills you have under your belt, the more independent you will be, and the happier and better off you and your family will become.

As you can see, urban farming is not just about growing things and eating your own produce.

It must also incorporate Permaculture principles. Your homestead becomes over time a closed system where nothing is brought in and nothing leaves; all waste is recycled.

This would naturally evolve over several years and cannot reasonably be expected to happen quickly. Much recycling would have to take place, all the infrastructure in place, and vegetable gardens and fruit trees pumping out all your fresh produce. You would need your chickens laying and hatching young and grain crops planted.

Really, this closed system idea is a process and really should be seen as a process.

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Rome wasn’t built overnight. It is something to aim for, the end goal. The journey along the way should be enjoyed immensely, harvests celebrated and stores of food put away for winter and when harvests are poor.

If you want to grow healthy, fresh organic food without all the problems, you will find everything you need to know in Food4Wealth. Let an expert take you by the hand and lead you through from beginning to harvest.

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Make Your Own Furniture and Create Your Own Family Heirlooms

Making some of your own furniture is a very exciting and satisfying thing to do. DIY furniture is not as hard as you might think especially when you have all the furniture plans at your fingertips that you will ever need.

I can personally recommend Ted's Woodworking Plans to any amateur furniture builder and homesteader. They are comprehensive, step-by-step furniture plans for 16,000 Woodworking Projects! Get Instant Access to over 16,000 Woodworking Plans and Furniture Patterns for your next project now. This also makes a GREAT gift!

Making your own furniture is an exciting part of frugal living and will save you bucket-loads of money, and you get to enjoy the fruits of your handiwork for many years to come because your creations won't fall apart like much of the shop-bought furniture on the market today.

Your own hand-made furniture, built with your own hands, will become family heirlooms to pass down to your children and grandchildren.

Save money and be healthy, grow your own food, build your own furniture, and get into Homesteading Today!

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