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3 Easy Ways To Revitalize Your Body
Alkalize It!

If you are searching for a high alkaline foods list, chances are you are not well, have low energy, or are struggling with an acute or chronic illness. If you're not happy with other things in your life - like your weight, health, job or a relationship - you do something about it right? Because if you don't you keep getting the same result. But you really want a different outcome, right?

Do you want to feel the way you do now for the rest of your life? My guess is NO if you are reading this page.

The old adage, 'you are what you eat' is a very true one. If you want to feel better than you do now, then you have to change what you are eating...and drinking.

You want to feel alive, energetic, happy, enthusiastic and in love with life!

So now is the time to try something different...

This is the Easiest Way To Ensure a Better Outcome In Your Life.

Your desired outcome for your life depends on your body operating at its optimum healthy level. You must have all systems functioning as they were intended - abundant energy resulting from a robust immune system. This just won't happen if your body is tired, sick, and stressed...

Question: Did you know that your body is slightly alkaline, and it has a complex pH-regulating system that works to maintain that balance? Your kidneys, lungs, and pancreas all work together to maintain alkaline/acid equilibrium. Every minute of every day, even as you're reading this information, there are thousands of reactions taking place in your body to keep your pH level on the healthy side.

Why is that so important?

To keep bacteria, yeast, cancer, viruses and other diseases from invading your system, you need to keep your body's pH at an ideal level. Your body becomes more susceptible to disease, allergies and infections if it is acidic!

The growth and development of your body, organs, tissues, and cells are retarded by acidity, because it pollutes your system for a start. Secondly, oxygen and nutrients can't reach your cells, organs and tissues.

If your body is overly acidic, you will feel tired and lethargic, which then makes you feel stressed. Everything in your life, relationships, confidence, enthusiasm for life, begins to suffer, as you will have no energy or motivation to grow and evolve, or to make any lasting changes in your life.

So what you have to do is restore you body's healthy pH (alkalinity) and remove the acid from your body. This is what your body needs to feel healthy again.

When the World's No. 1 Peak Performance Coach recommends an alkaline lifestyle, I don't know about you but I listen...

"Alkalize your body and live a healthier, more energized, and ultimately more fulfilling life. Our acid-alkaline balance is a baseline determinant of our physical health. When you break your old eating patterns, you will find yourself getting back to the real you, filled with the vitality and energy that you desire and deserve." ~ Anthony Robbins

OK, So how do I alkalize my body?

3 Simple Ways To Help You
Alkalize & Revitalize Your Body!

Alkalize & Energize Option #1: The Alkaline Cookbook

The Alkaline Cook Book contains over 84 easy-to-make recipes to help busy people maintain vitality and good health by restoring the body's critical acid-alkaline equilibrium. The Alkaline Cookbook is your guide towards healthier eating and life. It's not a book to be read. It's your chef, doctor, nutritionist and friend - all in one. It solves the seemingly never-ending puzzle of what you should eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in between to look good and feel fantastic. You only need to invest in the Alkaline Cookbook once - and you can continue to reap healthy benefits for the rest of your life. Healthy eating can be easy, affordable and a lot of fun IF you have a system that works - like The Alkaline Cookbook. To keep your body healthy, you need to balance the acid/alkaline level in your system by eating alkaline-rich foods daily. The Alkaline Cook Book makes that fast, easy and a lot of fun!

Click here to purchase The Alkaline Cookbook.

Alkalise & Energise Option 2: The Alkaline Super Foods

Alkaline Super Foods mix is a delicious, all natural, powerful super green foods formula to help you push out toxins and poisons out of your system and alkalize every cell in your body anytime and anywhere. Alkaline Super Foods mix combines 3 of the most powerful green super foods - Alfalfa, Barley Grass and Wheatgrass - to produce a mega nutritious formula to re-balance your body and restore its critical acid-alkaline equilibrium. Alkaline Super Foods Mix is:

  • Organic

  • GMO Free

  • Gluten-free

  • Contains no flavors and no additives

Alkaline Super Foods is loaded with dietary fiber, Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, Chlorophyll, 16 vitamins, 13 minerals, 18 amino-acids and other naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants to help you strengthen your immune system, explode your energy levels and make you feel terrific from the inside out! Click here to purchase The Alkaline Super Foods Mix.

Alkalize & Energize Option 3: Get The Alkaline Cookbook PLUS The Alkaline Super Foods mix AND KEEP an Extra $29 in YOUR POCKET!

Get BOTH The Alkaline Cookbook AND The Alkaline Super Foods mix to restore your body's pH level and bring good health to your body quickly. If health is your top priority then this is by far the best option. It's the fastest way (and healthiest) we know of to help you alkalize and energize your body. Give it a go right now and get 25% OFF!

Use this promo code A973FC during Checkout to purchase The Alkaline Cookbook AND The Alkaline Super Foods Mix AND GET 25% OFF!

Healthy alkalizing foods will help restore the pH balance in your body. Avoid things like stress, pollution, fast foods and acid foods, as they create an acidic system. Acid needs to be kept in control. Whether you do it by investing in The Alkaline Cookbook OR The Alkaline Super Foods mix or BOTH depends on how quickly you want to restore good health to your body.

How do I know if I need it? You should alkalize your body immediately if you often feel tired, fatigued and exhausted OR tense, uptight and irritated.

OPTION #1: Click here to purchase The Alkaline Cookbook.

OPTION #2: Click here to purchase The Alkaline Super Foods Mix.

OPTION #3: Click here to purchase The Alkaline Cookbook AND The Alkaline Super Foods Mix AND GET 25% OFF!

Inside the book you will discover:

  1. 2 proven ways to help you quickly determine which foods alkalize your body and which make it toxic and acidic – the ones you should eat in moderation, eliminate or stay away from most of the time!
  2. A complete 4 WEEK PLANNER that covers your breakfast, lunch, dinner, juices and snacks to re-balance your body, strengthen your immunity, improve mental clarity and powers of concentration while drenching stress and fatigue out of your body!
  3. A simple one-page INDEX so you can find any recipe in seconds – for example, the luscious Vanilla Custard Cream and Berries recipe is on page 157, PLUS over 84 other delicious and mouth-watering recipes are just as easy to find and enjoy!
  4. Your body's ideal pH level to keep yeast, bacteria, viruses, cancer and other diseases out of your system (It's probably not what you think).
  5. 29 MUST-HAVE herbs, veggies, fruits and other goodies every serious alkaline kitchen needs to have at all times to keep you focused and on track - so you don't get tempted and indulge on other nasties (Don't worry they're affordable and easy to get!)
  6. A simple, one-page CONVERSION TABLE that makes converting different kinds of measurements easy - no matter where you're from.

Take Action Immediately!!!
Don't delay...your health depends on it!

OPTION #1: Click here to purchase The Alkaline Cookbook.

OPTION #2: Click here to purchase The Alkaline Super Foods Mix.

OPTION #3: Click here to purchase The Alkaline Cookbook AND The Alkaline Super Foods Mix AND GET 25% OFF!

The moment you push acid waste out of your system your life will never be the same again!

Eat Well! Be Well! and Enjoy Life!

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