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Growing herbs is something I do no matter where I am. We once traveled in a motor home around Australia and I took with me a big round pot planted with my culinary herbs. You see, they taste better, they are beautiful to have in your immediate environment, and they add many nutrients to your diet.

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Growing food truly brings you in touch with the cycles of nature and provides you with a whole new dimension of relationship. To be in relationship with plants is a wondrous thing which can really only be experienced. To describe it, I might sound crackers hehe. You will just have to experience growing herbs for yourself.

When you have plants that provide you with nourishment and life, and you really get in there and feel this relationship of mutual giving (you give care and they give you life), then you begin to appreciate what these allies do for you. I sometimes call them allies because herbs are really just that. Allies means to unite or connect in a personal relationship.

If you want to get into growing herbs, my suggestion is to start with growing your culinary herbs and herbs to make herbal teas. They are easy to grow, very hardy, provide continuous picking and require very little attention.

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Growing herbs in containers is very easy and the best way to start if space and digging are an issue. Buy good quality plants from a nursery or market stall and buy only herbs that have been growing in the sun. The supermarket ones may wilt badly when taken out of the artificial environment into the sun and wind. Buy small plants about 6 inches high with no roots growing out the bottom of the pot...OR, buy the Heirloom Organics Kitchen Herb Pack of the basic culinary herbs and grow your culinary herbs from seed.

To start growing herbs you could buy parsley, sweet marjoram, basil, rosemary, sage, thyme or lemon thyme, chives, coriander, dill, oregano, and while you are at it give some rocket a go.

  • In a large pot, I put half organic vegetable growing potting mix and half good friable soil. I find that straight potting mix requires too much watering and can dry out very quickly and jeopardize your plant.
  • Make a hole big enough to fit your herb seedling and put it in gently without disturbing the roots too much. Fill in the dirt mix around it and press it in gently to bed it in.
  • Put some sugar-cane mulch or similar mulch around the plant leaving breathing space for it around the stem.
  • Water the plant and and mulch until it is running out the bottom of the pot.
  • Position the pot so it gets sun for most of the day. If you are in a hot arid zone you might want to shield it from the hottest sun of the day.
  • Now you only have to water it when it needs it. I now know how to judge this and it will take time and practice for you to learn. In the summer heat, it may require watering every second day, and in winter closer to once per week. Keep a close eye on them and if they start to wilt give them water.
  • As they grow, pick leaves to use in food preparation immediately before you cook or eat them so they are fresh and pick leaves from the lower outside first.
  • Always thank your plants for the nourishment and life they give you. They can feel love and caring from you, yes honestly they can it is scientifically proven, and they will love you back.

Growing Herbs for Medicine

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If you are a budding herbalist or just want to grow some herbs for medicine, to be healthier and boost your family's ability to fight disease, then you will find the Family Medicine Pack from Heirloom Organics Non-Hybrid Seeds to be right up your alley.
The excitement that comes from growing and making your own medicines is an absolute delight - I know, I do it!

The biggest change I have found in my life from growing and using medicinal herbs, is that I no longer feel like I am at the doctor's mercy, or helpless to help myself and my family.

I feel empowered by growing and using herbs! Give it a will never look back.

These are some of the Herbal Medicines I have made for me and my family. With just a little know-how you can make your own safe herbal medicines too. If you are on prescription medication, have any illnesses or issues like heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy etc it is best to seek professional advice before taking your own medicines. There are many naturopaths and herbalists out there now so ask around to find a good one.

Pictured are Elderberry Tincture for boosting the immune system and relief from colds and flu. It can be transformed into a cough syrup too! I have also made a gentler Elderflower Tincture for my granddaughter.
Also, Hawthorn Tincture for strengthening the heart and normalizing blood pressure, and St John's Wort Tincture for the headaches I get from an old head injury. (Don't use St John's Wort if you are on prescription medication especially anti-depressants - see a qualified Herbalist for advice.)

Provided you have a clean workspace you can sterilize, buy some bottles to bottle it all up, you can do this too.

You can also make infusions from your herbs to drink on a daily basis for health and nourishment.

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