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This is the Greatest Evolution
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The Green Revolution is happening all over the planet - pockets of people are forming, growing larger, and standing up and saying to the corporate giants;

"Stop destroying our planet! We want a clean, fertile, peaceful, and prosperous planet for our children, our grandchildren and the next generations after them."

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The Shift is a movie made by a movement, a green revolution which is happening in almost every country on Earth. This is big, really big and it is growing every day.

The Shift is about making a shift in consciousness, one that will take us into a new phase of life on this planet. There are so many problems to solve and so few of us know where to start if we are to help solve them.

Yes we need to solve social and global problems but I am not sure that attacking them directly is the way to go. The solving of those major problems are actually a side effect or the result of many people pursuing growth, self-growth.

How do we love all the children, of all the species, for all time?
~ William McDonough - The Green Architect
Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things

Sustainable Consumerism

When many people are engaging in sustainable consumerism, greater personal discipline, a deeper more spiritual education (and I don't mean religion), the building of courage and consciousness, then the major problems will just resolve. This is what I believe we need to be doing to solve the world's problems. This is also what going green is all about.

Such pursuits will solve many smaller problems along the way, and often this is easier than attacking the major problems directly. Solve many minor problems and the major ones will just dissolve over time. Living green is about solving lots of little problems and they all add up to doing your bit to save the planet.

In going green you can rest assured you are actually doing something to help and your green living efforts will increase your sense of self worth - you will feel better for taking action.

For example, you can attack problems like being overweight, being addicted to smoking, and having unsatisfying relationships and make very little progress solving any of them. But if you work on developing your mind, courage, awareness, and self-discipline, these problems will solve themselves — in fact, they’ll become almost trivially easy to resolve.

If you would like to know how to make these changes in your life,
then join the green revolution and learn how to Evolve On Purpose.

"A new destiny awaits us. A positive shift in human evolution is
underway and beginning to reshape our future.
And while humanity faces numerous unprecedented challenges,
it has the tools at hand to find resolution, renewal, and truly rejoice!"

Institute of Noetic Sciences

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