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To Living a Sustainable and Natural Lifestyle

I will soon be making available some of the content of this site in my new Going Green Guide. Understand why it is so important to make the Green Change with this easy to read Downloadable eBook.

Get ready to boost your health,
and raise your levels of
self-satisfaction, confidence and happiness.

Information about Going Green and the Green Revolution that is spreading all over this planet is scattered all over the internet, and not all of it is practical. I have received many questions about my website and this subject and many of these are recurring questions.

Those questions are all addressed and answered somewhere on this website, but if you're anything like me you will find it hard to read a couple hundred pages on a website.

So I am putting together a few free guides, one on each major category of my site, so you can download them and read them at your leisure and in context.

This ebook will answer your questions and provide you with all important checklists to help you stay on track when building a green home or doing a green home remodel:

  • Why is Everyone Going Green?
  • Are you Always Getting Sick and Don’t Know Why?
  • What is a Healthy Home?
  • Has Human Activity Caused Climate Change?
  • The Interior Design Checklist
  • The Green Home Design Checklist