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So you are searching for green business opportunities? Perhaps you have seen the advantage of renewable energy, have a great idea on how to recycle a car battery, know some brilliant vegetable garden tips, are a whiz on DIY solar power, or you are just a greenie who is interested in making extra money and are searching for work from home business ideas.

Whatever your motivation for searching on green business opportunities, you should read my page on work from home business ideas.

No matter what business you decide upon you will need a webpage and I know the absolute best and easiest way to make one.

Implement one of the green business opportunities that you already know something about, that you would love doing now, just like I have with this website!

In your endeavors you will become a part of the New-economy Movement initiated by a growing group of activists and socially responsible companies who are rethinking traditional business practice.

Sound good? It does, but really what does it mean, and what would a new economy look like?

Most of us would agree wholeheartedly that our economical system does not work. Well it seems to work for a few and fails the rest of us. Do you think that maybe the few it works for are the ones who make the rules of our economy? To make it into that small elite club of people who are riding the wave of capitalism you have to become extremely wealthy.

That elite club will not hand you a green business opportunity. You may have to create it for yourself or find an employer who is willing to let go of the old paradigm and marching right into a new sustainable future.

When I was growing up wealthy meant you had a really big house, drove a nice car, wore nice clothes and traveled abroad. Now wealthy has gone beyond having a million dollars. Actually a million dollars will only buy you two really nice houses where I live. Now many of the wealthy count their fortunes in the billions, they make rules for the many, and they even wield influence in how governments write and vote on the policies that keep us poor and unhealthy! They are the bosses of the corporate giants that are now ruling this world.

We all know many, many people are still living in poverty. Even many of the men who fought for our country (Australia) in the great wars, the women who kept the economy going and the people fed and clothed, are now pensioners and counted among our poor. Our wonderful economy gives them their little pension that they only just survive on. Soon they will not be surviving if the electric, phone, water companies, supermarkets, councils and government have their way. All the bills now coming their way are doubling, even tripling and a trip to the supermarket has become a depressing and frustrating exercise in bypassing everything they can't have, scrimping and saving to make their tiny pension go the distance.

But hold on, really, I feel the cavalry is on its way.

I believe that the timing is right now for great fundamental change to take place. This century is seeing the rise of a different sort of inventor; not the Thomas Edison type, but those who call themselves new economists, social activists, and sustainably and socially minded business leaders. Green business opportunities abound and there are many green and eco-friendly products on the market today.

As the global climate crises intensifies and the global financial crisis see-saws to and fro, these economic inventors are now increasing in numbers and for the first time they actually have a voice and are being heard.

A new economy that will benefit and nurture all people must also meet critical environmental and social goals. Some say that the health of a nation can be measured by the happiness of its people.

It seems to me that most people know at least some things that would make them happier; less financial pressures on our homes, our food, education, having free access to clean water and power, lower priced or free health care of OUR choosing, and a clean environment; but the governments are unwilling to focus on providing us with those things. Their overriding agenda is still financial profit.

For me every ruler is alien that defies
public opinion.

Mohandas Gandhi

It is now time to envision, design, define and implement a new economy that values health and happiness over bottom lines because the mind-set that has built the traditional and conventional economy cannot fix the monumental problems we face.

We need new thinkers!

A completely new mind-set must be invented to turn this giant corporate machine around before we destroy ourselves and millions of other species with us. Green business opportunities must be acted upon and prioritized over traditional business models.

What these new business leaders are questing for is a green and socially responsible way of living and doing business. They are rethinking the whole concept of "growth" economies and the nature of ownership.

At the forefront of this movement are worker-owned cooperatives, often infused with green ethics and having goals that serve the community and the environment. Cooperatives are of course nothing new but they are becoming increasingly important in the global striving toward a new economy.

For a detailed report on companies and business leaders who are leading the charge toward a new economy, go to The New Economy Network by Gar Alperovitz.

If you want to work from home, read about the best of green business opportunities.

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