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Do you want the best going green tips without searching all over for them? Well you found your way to the right place. This page has all the going green tips to get you started. Then browse this website for more details. A lot of people might think that going green is a big job - redesigning the home, buying new white goods etc; but there are actually lots of little things you can do NOW to ensure you are going green at home.

* Use Natural Cleaning Products

Use only eco friendly cleaning products, or natural cleaning products. Chemically-based cleaning products do not list all their ingredients and the ones that are listed will look like a foreign language. You will find that the ingredients on environmentally safe or eco friendly products are familiar and safer for your family. See my hand picked eco products and forget the run-around trying to find them yourself!

* Use Natural Skincare and Makeup Products

Use only natural skincare and natural makeup. Studies have shown that a female can expose themselves to over 515 potentially dangerous chemicals per day in makeup and skincare. Cosmetics and other personal care products can cause chemical reactions.
See my top recommended products for natural beauty.

* Recycle, Reduce and Reuse!

Yes, you've heard it before but remember when we were growing up, if anything broke Dad fixed it! Imagine that kids:) Well we can still do that with most things.
Don't throw it away, fix it and reuse it instead.
There are lots of ways to recycle old things. This afternoon I am cutting the bottom off 4 long dresses I don't wear now and making them into tops I know I WILL wear. The bottoms will be made into singlet tops too.
See my Recycling Facts page and you will find plenty of ideas to recycle and reuse those everyday throw-away items!
And of course, reduce your purchases by buying quality items that will be used for a long time like:

Microfibre Cloths for cleaning...

Beautiful Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable Water Bottles

Travel Mugs

Oh, and the verdict is in;

The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) recommends that when recycling plastic bottles.

Visit Earth911 for a long list of things you can recycle.

* Buy Locally - This just might be the BEST of the going green tips!

Enjoy a trip to your local market - ours is on a Sunday morning and we take our little granddaughter every Sunday to buy our fresh produce. She loves the trip and so do we! And remember to take your reusable bags. You will reduce the fuel consumed reducing greenhouse gases and also much of the packaging usually used in supermarkets. Look for the local growers and organic produce. Market produce is also usually cheaper, fresher and tastier from your local market - ours is!

* Walk or Ride

Instead of driving short distances walk or ride a bicycle. Instead of driving your car to work every day take public transport if you can. If public transport is not available try car pooling with other work colleagues.

* Buy a new Hybrid Car or a Smaller Car

There are a few hybrid cars on the market now and they are much more energy efficient. If you can't buy a new car then perhaps you can downsize to a smaller car that uses less fuel.

* Invest in Green

There are many green, socially responsible investments to be made now. You can buy shares in green companies, start a green company of your own, donate to green causes, turn your own company green or partner up with green companies and causes.

* Invest in Alternative Energy

Making the switch to solar has never been easier. Just make sure you are getting expert advice first. If building a new home or office you have the option of geothermal.

* Change Your Showerheads

Change all showerheads over to Watersaver Showerheads. You can save up to 50% on water bills AND significant savings on your electricity bills (reduction on hot water used). I love my watersaver, it feels like a better shower and there is NO noticeable reduction in water used, but THERE IS!

* Turn Off and Unplug

Did you know that even if appliances are "off", many of them still continue to draw power from the grid – called “phantom power" and it can account for up to 10% of your power usage. You must unplug them to stop the flow of power!
For entertainment centers and home offices, connect all your devices to an EcoStrip; energy saving power strip with surge protection which can halt all electricity consumption with a single flick of a switch. No more paying for vampire energy!

* Learn to Play Your Own Music

Instead of turning on an appliance to play music...crank up the stereo...Learn to Play your own music.  I have learned to play the ukulele with videos and a little help from my friends and now we play together and have a real blast! Learn the best instrument on the planet using revolutionary new techniques that cut down learning time by about one tenth...learn to play in 30 days!

* Change to Energy Saving Light Bulbs

When you change over to CFLs go for Full Spectrum Light Bulbs; they are good for treating S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), photo studio lights, or starting plant growth.

* Frugal Living

A list of going green tips is not complete without talking about frugal living. It is a keystone to going green. It is all about doing away with the excesses, only buying what you need and changing some of your daily habits. Adopt some of my frugal living tips and you will change your life for the better, forever!

* Starting a Garden

...is one of the best going green tips I could give you.
Growing organic vegetables and a couple of fruit trees will lower your carbon footprint, give you fresh air and exercise, and put fresh chemical free produce on your table.

* Give Green Gifts

At gift giving time, spread the word and give green gifts. There are so many gorgeously green gift lines now, you friends and loved ones are sure to love your gift.

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