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Does gardening by the moon really make your vegetables and other garden plants grow and produce better? Well that debate has been around for a while. There are a whole lot of farmers who would swear that planting by the moon increases their germination rate.

Now my opinion is probably a little off the wall. My theory is that doing all these tasks, gardening by the moon, including planting by the moon, is a big step toward going green and also keeping you on track as far as getting things done is concerned.

Have you ever cleaned a house on a regular basis? When you do, do you do it methodically or are you like I was and do bits here and bits there and some things rarely get done? Well the gardening is the same and if you have a plan like the one below, and the Planting by the Moon plan and you learn to cycle with it and the moon, then you will find that you are actually getting things done.

Try it for 3 months and see how it goes. I think you will find that you will enjoy looking for the moon each night, using my Moon Phases Calendar, and cycling through the gardening tasks in a rhythm nature provided for us.

Tip: When the moon is between first quarter and full, plant zucchini, tomatoes, and other seed producing crops inside a fruit. When the moon is waning, plant root crops like carrots. According to moon gardening lore, during a waning moon energy is directed toward the roots. 

Rule No.1
It is best to avoid planting, sowing, or taking cuttings from 12 hours before and 12 hours after the exact change of moon phase.
The increase or decrease of energy is gradual. If you have a lot of planting to do, it should be ok if you go an hour or so into these periods. It is far better to use this time for preparing beds, mulching, applying and turning compost, etc.

NEW MOON PHASE : From the Dark Moon to First Quarter

Mow the lawn, turn and add to the compost, add mulch to the beds, prune plants and provide eco friendly liquid fertilizer to the garden

FIRST QUARTER PHASE: From First Quarter to Second Quarter

Apply liquid fertilizers. Prune to encourage growth and deadhead roses and other flowering annuals. Do any grafting and budding if you know how :) Mow lawns if you want to encourage growth.

FULL MOON PHASE: From 12 hours after Full Moon to Third Quarter

During this phase every living thing is at its peak of energy, (just ask the police!). Sap starts to flow downward so energy is now drawn down into the ground.

Pruning and harvesting is recommended during this phase. Crops or seed harvested for storage or drying now are less likely to rot, take cuttings, prune dormant plants, divide plants and apply eco friendly solid fertilisers.

LAST QUARTER PHASE: From Third Quarter to New Moon (dark moon)

This phase is really for doing all those little maintenance jobs in the garden like weeding, pest control, digging beds, and apply solid fertiliser. It’s also the best time to mow the lawn and prune dormant plants, especially if you need to slow down their growth rate. So cut back the rampant vines now. It is the best time to prepare beds for planting, so give your soil some attention: dig them over, apply mulch, make the compost, do some weeding, prepare your manure tea.

Some people swear by watering with certain phases of the moon, and you should never water in certain phases. But over the years, I have discovered that it is best to water all plants when they need it regardless of the moon’s phase.

I live in Australia, summer gets very hot here and my vegetable garden would fry if I didn’t water it for a week in dry weather. Sometimes we can go a month with no rain and then only get a drizzle. If the plants start to wilt, I water them moon or no moon!

Planting by the Moon can be combined with all these pointers on gardening by the moon and you then have a good little moon calendar working for you.

Speaking of moon calendars, check out my Moon Phases Calendar and bookmark it. Just remember to select which hemisphere you are in.

Happy Gardening!

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