These Top Frugal Living Tips Will Save you Lots of $Money$

A list of Frugal Living Tips seems crazy to older people or that we need the green thing, because most people lived frugally before the 70's or 80's. If is in this modern age of rampant consumerism that we need to be going green.

When I grew up we didn’t have the "green thing".

But then we didn’t need to. Life was very different; or should I say lifestyles were very different! I can even remember taking our saucepan in to the Chinese store to get our once-a-month takeaway of curried chicken and rice because takeaway containers didn’t exist. HA! I can remember when Pizza Hut came to Australia we all thought "YUK why would you put meat and vegetables on top of pastry!" Hahaha

Well that wasn’t all that was different. So my list of Frugal Living Tips is really a list of many of the ways we used to do things before we polluted our planet with crap we don’t need and razed it with mining and modern agribusiness.

So before we destroy life on this planet completely the best trend on earth would have to be Frugal Living.

So let’s see what my idea of living frugally actually is...

I don’t believe that frugal living should be about
"going without".

So why would anyone need frugal living tips if they are not struggling financially? For me and my family, it is actually about:

  • Well yes, the obvious, saving money;
  • Providing our own abundance;
  • Eliminating waste;
  • It simplifies your life;
  • Improves your health, well-being and state of mind;
  • Saving our environment and wildlife.

This is the real essence of going green.

If you follow some of these easy frugal living tips, then you are going green in many simple ways. Perhaps you cannot afford solar panels, but you can be frugal in your lifestyle. Maybe you cannot do a green remodel on your home, but you can live frugally and reap the benefits.

If these reasons to change your everyday habits have any appeal to you at all then here are my frugal living tips…and get set to enjoy the good life!

These frugal living tips occur in no particular order :)

  • Recycle, recycle, recycle. By now most of us have recycle bins either for our own use or nearby for us to utilize. So make sure you are using them for paper, cardboard, cans, bottles etc. There are usually instructions on what you can and can’t put in them stuck to or printed on the actual bins. There are vast arrays of products that are now made of recycled materials and this keeps people in business so remember to support them and the planet.
  • If you have a baby, try using cloth diapers for at least some of the week so you are not helping to choke landfills with disposables that will never break down.
  • Use Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. Use and wash them over and over. The idea is, you can assign each cloth a purpose and forget spending your money on paper towels!
    These microfiber waffle weave dish cloths are softer than cotton and more absorbent than a chamois. The Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel remarkably soaks up liquids while leaving a streak and lint-free finish on any surface.
  • Dry your washing on the clothes line. If you are hanging them out in the morning you will get some of your daily Vitamin D which is essential for your health. Many people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency symptoms and one reason is because we are using machines to do the work we used to do in the sun. Just don’t get sunburnt and get your sun in the early morning and late afternoon so you don’t have to put on sunscreen and risk burning!
  • Keep hand-me-down clothes for younger children like we used to. Most play clothes get pretty ragged and stained so there’s no need for buying all the clothes new. You can also buy pre-loved clothing from your local op-shop – this supports these charities and keeps some people in much needed jobs and much loved voluntary work.
  • Turn off the TV! TV can be blamed for a multitude of ills including dulling your kids imaginations. We only ever had one TV in the house (I can still remember when no TVs existed!) and we all coped just fine. Always turn off the TV when people are not sitting watching it. Many people use it as a comforting noise in the house but really, you are absorbing all that advertising hype too. Try listening to the birds, music or sing yourself!
  • When you are cooking, try to blend some things by hand instead of using the electric mixer. In fact every time you are turning on an electrical appliance, ask yourself if you can do it by hand instead.
  • When sending a fragile item in the post, use old newspaper to cushion it or save old bubble wrap and reuse it. I received a parcel with inner wrapping of newspaper in a foreign script (Indian I think) so I used some of it in some artworks. I loved it!
  • Mow your own lawn and do chores around the home yourself so you are getting different exercise every day. Then you don’t have to turn on a treadmill for your exercise. Likewise walk to work some days if you can. If you like, only walk in the nice weather, but try to leave the car in the garage some days. Try some public transport too.
  • Buy a stainless steel reusable water bottle for each member of the family and use them instead of disposable plastic water bottles. Buy yourself a good water filter and refill them with your own clean, pure drinking water.
  • Eliminate waste You would be truly horrified if you knew how much food ends up in people's bins. If you are growing vegetables, preserve any excess and if you see a box of tomatoes going for a song, buy them and make your own tomato sauce or relish. The taste of your own home preserves will astound you and you will never buy tomato ketchup again!
  • Reduce consumption of things you can't recycle and don't really need.

  • Cook from scratch: Processed foods are really not the best thing you could be eating and contribute to weight gain and obesity. Get yourself a great cookbook or Google recipes and cook everything with fresh ingredients.
  • Learn how to fix things when they break:

Leave your own frugal living tips in the comments section below. I would love to incorporate them into this page so everyone can benefit!

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