Feng Shui Tips to bring prosperity, happiness and health into your home.

How to improve the Feng Shui of Your Home

I have some advice which must be considered first, and is so important that I don't consider it to be 'a tip'. It is a law...

Never, ever try to improve your lot in life in a way that would disadvantage or hurt your family, your neighbor or your community.

So get to know yourself, and know what you REALLY want before you do any serious Feng Shui like implementing cures.
The following tips are quick and easy to do and really can be a part of everyone's life and decor. So implement them knowing that you will feel improvements in your well-being and your life.

  • Firstly, make sure you read up on how to Feng Shui the Front Door...
  • Secondly, inspire yourself to Declutter your home...
  • Make the first impression upon entering your home a warm and welcoming one.
  • Be open to positive change and opportunities no matter what form it takes.
  • Get rid of any dried flowers in your space. This is dead energy and you do not want your wealth to be dead. Fresh flowers are always best but you can use silk flowers providing you don't allow them to collect dust!
  • Place live plants all around the house, and in as many rooms as you can. Try for some that have leaves that are coin shaped.
  • Make sure your furniture is placed in a manner that does not inhibit your movement (and risk your shins and toes). With furniture, less is better as you want the energy to flow. Don't allow your home to become cramped as the opportunities will be restricted.
  • Speaking of the furniture, it should all be in working order, drawers opening and shutting easily etc. It also needs to be whole - that is, not broken. It is also good to move the furniture around sometimes to give everything a fresh look.
  • Make sure any dark corners and rooms are well lit. Natural lighting is best.
  • Play peaceful and happy music in your home regularly.
  • Open the windows and doors as often as possible to allow fresh air exchange. You really should replace the air in your home every day.
  • Keep your pantry or larder well stocked with food. You can't help but feel abundant when you open the pantry door and see lots of food in there. Just imagine how you feel when you see empty shelves in your food cupboard!
  • If any of your rooms are a bit small, place a mirror in there to increase the feeling of space and increase the opportunities coming to you. But make sure it only reflects what you want to increase. The exception is the bedroom; mirrors are a no-no in the bedroom and above all you shouldn't be able to see yourself in the mirror when you are on the bed.
  • Keep the toilet lids down and the toilet doors shut - always! Just make it a good habit.
  • Have some beautiful art on your walls! Never put pictures of war, violence of any sort, pornography of any sort, nor depressing or disturbing pictures. Always use pictures that are beautiful, uplifting and that make you feel good. Stick on wall murals are a great choice especially for renters...peel them off and take them with you when you move! Wall Murals by Subject