Want Weight Loss, Health, and Vitality?

Feng Shui Your Kitchen!

Are you trying to lose weight and only achieving mixed results…or no results? Then maybe you need to design a Feng Shui Kitchen to support your health goals.

The kitchen is a room designed for food preparation, cooking and eating, and yet we often use it for other things that would be better done in the office or family room.
We all bring new stuff into the house on a regular basis, especially the food shopping. But are you actually eating everything you buy? Most of us have a pantry that is pretty well stocked – if you are the type of person who cooks most of your meals.
Some of us have an overstocked pantry!

The refrigerator is the other place that food can be kept longer than it should be. You know those strange and dangerous science experiments way down the back of the fridge? Peeuuuw!

Always keep the top of your refrigerator clear and clean so it can vent efficiently, and once every 6 months or once a year, pull it out and clean the back and underneath. This is a spot for years of accumulated dust and grime which does your refrigerator no good, nor your goals for a Feng Shui Kitchen.

Our health is often a focus of goals we made months or years ago. New Years is coming around again and maybe some of us will be making the same resolutions about our weight and our health that we made last New Years.

I have a suggestion…perhaps the resolution would serve you better if you gave it a tweak. Instead of saying, I am going to lose 20 kg this year, a different take would be;
"I am going to clean out all the expired food every fortnight or every month, and bring in only fresh healthy produce, and cook all my meals from scratch.
I am designing a Feng Shui Kitchen!"

You see, old foodstuffs in the pantry and the refrigerator is very stuck energy in Feng Shui, and is similar to what has happened to your body. If you clean away the stuck energy from where it is originating from, then the result is that old stuck energy can clear from your body too.

If you have one of those overstocked pantries, then don’t overwhelm yourself, just do a shelf a day and have it all done in a week. Then attack the fridge on another day. And when you have a clear shelf, clean it with a Green cleaner – no chemicals for your food storage!

Alternatively, no food in the pantry or the fridge gives one a feeling of; 'there is never enough'. Shop for fresh produce every few days so you can see healthy colorful food in the fridge and fruit bowl. Give yourself a feeling of prosperity in the pantry and build it up over time.

If your dining table is cluttered with bills and junk mail, the kids’ schoolwork on the table, etc then ask yourself; “Does this stuff help me achieve my health goals?” If you say no, clear it away to a more appropriate location and use the kitchen/dining for food prep, cooking, and eating. If space is an issue then resolve to clear it away before you sit down to eat.

Oh, one more thing! An adjunct to your new health goals could be resolving to eat at the table, especially if you have kids. It is such a wonderful social, family tradition that has waned and really does need to be revived. So turn off the TV for meal times, put on some relaxing music, and share your stories of your day with each other over a healthy, freshly cooked meal.

Bon appetit and enjoy your Feng Shui Kitchen!

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