Feng Shui in The Home

Use it to attract what you want!

Feng Shui in the Home begins at the street and can bring you Prosperity, Health and Happiness. You can use it to attract more of what you want into your life and less of what you don't want. It works for every area of your life.

To understand how Feng Shui works go to Feng Shui Beginners.

Feng Shui in the Home is easy if you start with these simple steps...

The energy of the Universe comes to us through the front door of our home. You can set the intention of the front door to allow money, good relationships, health and good opportunities to come in. This is a high priority when beginning at the beginning.

To appraise your entrance go out and walk down the street. Then walk back home and as you approach your house, have a good look at the entrance to the front door and also the door itself. It should have a feeling of spaciousness so that opportunities don’t get cramped and can flow in. Learn how to Feng Shui the Front Door.

The next big priority is to ensure that you have good quality air in your home. There must be high quality air at all times, and this means opening the windows frequently, bringing in Feng Shui air-purifying plants, and also much more. Take a look at my Indoor Air Quality article to find out what you need to do.

Now you are ready to have a look at the lighting in your home. Good quality lighting is an important fundamental to having good Feng Shui in the Home. Always allow as much natural light into your home as you can.

Change all your light bulbs to energy efficient lighting. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are a good choice. Down lights are great for spot lighting for work stations and reading spots rather than one light in the middle of the ceiling. You should never be straining to see. Light up any dark corners with a lovely lamp to dispel any negative energy.

If more than one lamp and other electrical equipment are operating off the one power point, plug them into a Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Surge Protector with Autoswitching Technology, 10-Outlet, so you can turn everything off with one flip of one switch. This will also save on electricity usage!

Now there are some green basics to get you going. These days going green is a part of Feng Shui. I believe that Feng Shui without living green is probably not going to work too well. For example, you can do some major Feng Shui Decorating, but if you spray around highly toxic bug spray, you have poisoned your living space. See what I mean?

If you are ready to make some changes to the Feng Shui in the home, go to my Feng Shui Tips page and get started.

If you are new to all this Feng Shui, then go to Feng Shui Beginners and go through the simple steps to attract prosperity, health and happiness into your home.

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