The Feng Shui Front Door should open to Opportunity and Good Fortune

A Feng Shui Front Door is one of the best places to begin when doing your Feng Shui because the energy of the Universe comes to you through the front door of your home.

Are you hoping for a new job or a new business opportunity?

Are you wondering why opportunity isn’t knocking on your front door?

Then maybe all you have to do is spruce up that front door!

You can set the intention of the front door to allow money, good relationships, health and good opportunities to come in.

The inherent energies of the building, remain the same over time unless the house goes through MAJOR reconstruction. However, there is also an Annual energy shift in each of the nine sections of your home which aligns with the Feng Shui Bagua. This is often referred to as the 'Visiting' energy, because every year a different Annual energy will visit each of the nine sections of your home/office. The Annual energies influence the permanent energies, and this explains why one year will be better or worse in the same home or building.

Once every nine years the worst energy will visit your entrance and create some problems, such as: accidents, fires, delays, and pain or illness. If your door is painted Red or one of the fire colors, when that Annual energy visits your entrance... the color acts as a trigger and turns minor problems into major problems. So please don't paint your door a fire color, such as: Red, Orange, Purple, Burgundy, etc. and don't paint your front door the water colors Black or Blue.

To appraise your entrance go out and walk down the street. Then walk back home and as you approach your house, have a good look at the entrance to the front door and also the door itself. It should have a feeling of spaciousness so that opportunities don’t get cramped and can flow in.

If there are bushes and trees overshadowing the entrance, and obscuring the view of the front door, the first thing to do is to prune and clear out old straggly plants so that the front door is visible and well lit, and the path to it is swept and pleasant. All plants should have smooth leaves; no spiky plants.

Any steps should be sound and firm. Broken steps are a big No No! Check out the pavers or floor of the porch and if there are any stains, or anything broken or rotting, fixing that is a must. The walls surrounding the door should be clean and well maintained.

How is the front door? Is it in good repair? The door should open smoothly and quietly and have no obstacles inside so it swings widely open to invite opportunity in. Is the front door attractive? If not, a new door doesn’t cost the earth and can make a huge difference to your entrance. Paint it an attractive colour that is different from the rest of the house.

If you have one, the door bell should be working properly and have a pleasant sound! The light should work and not be glaring in visitors’ eyes.

Inside, a shoe rack is a good purchase to keep the shoes tidy. Oh, and a nice coat rack or hall stand for visitors coats and hats is very welcoming. Speaking of welcoming, an attractive Welcome mat does wonders to brighten up your entrance too. But be sure to give it a regular shake and keep it clean and bright.

Lastly, make sure you use the front door! Many of us go in and out the garage and never use the door. Even if you are just going out to check the letterbox or enjoy your front garden, Use Your Front Door!

We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.
Winston Churchill

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