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It's as easy as learning where to put your special things.

Feng Shui decorating is the art of placement. Art, heirlooms and other special objects can be your best friends or your foes, so it requires some thought when you making a purchase, and also when it comes to placing these things in your home.

There many pictures in the world to choose from and of course, whether you own your home or are renting also dictates when it comes to choosing a canvas or perhaps a stick-on wall mural.

For renters, I personally love the stick-on wall murals as they come in different sizes and styles, and they just stick on and peel off when you have to leave without leaving any sticky residue. Oh and they can then be restuck to a wall in your next home. They are very affordable and the easiest art on the market today.

If you can put a picture hanger in your wall then a framed print or canvas is also an option.

Guidelines for Feng Shui Decorating

There a few rules or guidelines to stick to when placing art and special objects:

  1. Never put violent or aggressive images on your walls. If you have something like a weapons collection, keep them in the den or study. Never in your living spaces or bedroom. You don't want to invite violent energy into your family.
  2. My Feng Shui master told me that images of naked people or pornographic type art in the bedroom are a no-no. Now I have a lamp that is a naked man and woman and he is holding her up and they are looking into each others eyes. They have a cloth carved around them. To me he honors her, and they love each other. I would say that is a good object of love to have in the bedroom, and I feel that whenever I turn on the lamp, it illuminates the love in my marriage. Their nakedness is not the feature, but their love for each other.
  3. You can have too many images of butterflies! Remember, many butterflies are extremely short-lived. If you have images of butterflies, you might want to balance them with images of longer lived animals like whales, tortoises or elephants.
  4. When buying art for your home, always look for the symbology in the art before you buy it. Spend time just looking at it. Ask yourself; What does it represent? For instance, I like pictures of balloons and kites in a stairwell because they rise and entice you to go up the stairs. Always try to sense how the picture or object makes you feel.
  5. If you have family heirlooms in your home you have to ask yourself again; How do they make me feel? If you hold bad memories you might be better off letting them go. Sell them and buy something new that represents healing of those issues for you.
  6. In Feng Shui decorating, less is best. Because we can be oblivious to what many objects mean to us (I can still see something in my home and think "why do I still have that?") it is best to keep the stuff to a minimum. Your decorating might consist of doing a declutter. A few carefully selected pictures and objects placed just as carefully, are far better than many Feng Shui objects placed all over the place.
  7. In the bedroom it is best to keep water representations to a minimum. Water represents emotion. This includes mirrors, pictures of lakes, oceans etc, an all blue color scheme, and actual water features. Sad pictures and images of one person in the bedroom are best avoided unless you want to be alone! If you are single and want a partner, have two bedside tables, images of two ducks or geese or swans, a few pairs of things. Remember those birds mate for life.
  8. Keep the TV, computer, and exercise equipment out of the bedroom. The bedroom is for sleeping, lovemaking, resting and sensual healing. I love to read in my bedroom so I have a lovely comfy chair under the window so natural light falls on the pages and I can put my feet up on the bed. That is how my father read and it gives me great comfort to do the same.
  9. Walkways should always be clear. Never clutter your hallway, pathway to both sides of the bed, doorways, front entrance, and general pathways through your home. Imagine you are a breeze, and wander through your home with your eyes half closed. If you feel obstructed anywhere, change that space, move the obstruction.
  10. Use fresh flowers wherever possible. Dried arrangements are not used in Feng Shui only living ones. Likewise, have no dead flowers in your artworks.
  11. Feng Shui should always make sense. There are many rules to Feng Shui and many of those are folk superstition. My master said that Feng Shui is 70% common sense and 30% tradition.
  12. If something doesn't look or feel right then it probably isn't.

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Happy Feng Shui decorating and...

May You Be Blessed with Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

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