What Are The Best Feng Shui Colors?

Use these guidelines when choosing colors and they will enhance your life!

I'm often asked the question, “What are good Feng Shui colors?” I always reply, “That depends on WHAT color you put WHERE.”

Color can be used to vitalize an area, alter negative effects like depression, and through shaping the emotions, even alter the personality. So using Feng Shui Colors is a way to stimulate and enhance positive energies to make sure you are attracting love and harmonious relationships, prosperity, and above all, health for all your family.

The FIRE Element colors are red, orange, intense yellow, pink and purple. Fire can be both destructive and creative and must be used in balance to bring luck, joy, passion and happiness into your life.

Red is the color of Vitality and Passion and can be used in the living/dining rooms and the kitchen. It is a color of courage and celebration. In the main bedroom it can overstimulate and bring restlessness and arguments. If you want red in the bedroom, use it sparingly in textiles and accessories and make it a pink/red. Oh and use it most sparingly in the kids bedrooms.

Orange is a color of Aliveness, Strength and Optimism. It is a social color promoting conversation and happy times. Sunsets enhance an orange-themed room transforming it into a beautifully cosy golden color you will enjoy day after day. Orange is great to feature in kids rooms, family/dining rooms, and in kitchen and living rooms as it is the color of the hearth-fire of old.

Pink is the color of Romance and Love and is much more soothing than red. Soft pink has a delicate and gentle vibration and is great for little girls rooms (and big girls rooms and offices:) Hot pink is much more fiery and can have similar effects as does red. Use gentle pink in a gentle way, and it will reward you. Like all things, don’t overdo it. Combine it with green to strengthen its vibration rather than making everything pink!

Purple is the color of Intuition, Wisdom, Mental Strength, and is said to be connected to the spiritual realms. Too much purple can turn that strength into arrogance and confidence into pride and is not recommended as a wall color. Use it sparingly with the exceptions being a meditation or healing room, and opt for lighter tones of lavender.

Yellow is the color of Health, Happiness and Wisdom and is the color of sunlight. It is cheerful and uplifting and will brighten dull and dimly lit rooms. It is excellent in kids rooms, the kitchen, living/dining rooms, and generally the center of the home. Yellow is much gentler than red but still brings vitality with it. It can vitalize the health and well being of your family.

The EARTH Element colors are Pale and Creamy Yellows
and Beige/Sandy colors:

Beige, the Earthy/Sandy colors, and pale Yellow are great for decorating as they are strong, harmonious and have a lovely natural feel to them. They create nourishment for your relationships and also stability. They are also very versatile allowing you to then bring different colors into the theme to suit each room. This is why so many homes are color themed around this palette.

The WOOD Element colors are Green and Brown:

Green is the color of Growth and Renewal, Openness and New Beginnings. Green is a very nourishing color for your health as it brings with it the healing vibration of Mother Nature. So be natural and choose several shades of green just like it occurs naturally in a forest. Choose one shade for a wall and then add a couple of living plants with different shades in the foliage.

Brown is a color that is Grounding, Supporting and Nourishing. It is making a come-back in the rich chocolate tones and dark wood furniture. Too much brown can get very heavy and impart a feeling of inertia. Use it in balance with other lighter colors. The dark rich woods are great for the entrance and living room, but use very sparingly in the kids rooms.

The WATER Element colors are Blue and Black:

Blue is a cool color of Thoughtfulness and Tranquility. We associate it with clear, cool waters and is therefore refreshing. Light blue is a great choice for the ceiling in a home office or study. Dark blue brings the energy of serenity and profound calmness. It is a good choice to introduce into the bedroom to promote deep healing sleep. A great combination is blue and white, just like the sky and the clouds in happy relationship.

Black is a color of Power and Protection and is the color of night. It can be great to define a space but too much will bring the energy down. Many decor items come in black now and are great to use to add depth and strength to a room.

The METAL Element colors are White and Gray:

White is the color of Purity, Innocence, New Beginnings and Clean Endings. It is great to bring light into a room and gives a clear, clean feeling to an uncluttered space. White is a good overall theme and can spread healing energy throughout your home.

Gray is a color of Business and is not a good choice for the bedrooms. It is best used as a contrast colour rather than an overall theme. It is a color that is clear and centering.

The idea is to decide on an overall color theme, like the neutral whites, creams, beige and sandy colors and then bring in the other colors where and how you need them. Look at them as having a purpose, use them toward that end and your efforts will be richly rewarded.

I believe we need color in our lives and in our homes but it should be used wisely. If you are thinking of painting color feature walls or rooms in strong color, it would be advisable to get a Feng Shui consultation before you do. Given the effect color has on our emotional well being and what we then draw into our lives, it would be a wise investment.

Detox your home!

When you are deciding on your painting scheme and color choices, always look for paints that emit low or no VOCs. What are VOCs?

Add color to your home AND improve your indoor air quality at the same time with some common house plants. The green of indoor house plants adds life to your living areas and if you have a sunny window you can also grow some flowing indoor house plants, like Gerbera Daisies and Chrysanthemums.

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