Feng Shui Beginners (contd)

So what does the Moon's Influence have
to do with Feng Shui?

Read Feng Shui Beginners before continuing on here.

If we have a vibration, and everything around us is vibrating, then we will either resonate with that surrounding vibration or not, and there are varying degrees of resonating. We are (as is everything else) made up of large groups of subatomic particles. This includes trees, animals, thoughts and light. These things are different from each other because of the way the particles are grouped into building blocks.

Science has shown us that our minds are photons of light held in an electromagnetic field. We, as electromagnetic beings of energy, give off and pick up energy when we interact with other things and each other.

These scientific studies have also shown that we see the world as we are, not as it is. We see the world through our own filters of beliefs, values, attitudes, and intentions. So when we connect or communicate with someone else, it is based on those filters. How successful we are in that communication depends on those things.

When we are reaching out into our world, we also have a need for the external world to match our internal world. If the outer does not match our inner beliefs and intentions, then we will very often sabotage that attempt to connect. We are all connected and we tend to attract people at the same frequencies that we are vibrating at. This depends on matching with the frequencies of their beliefs, attitudes etc.

So in the process of our brain seeking connections that match its belief and value system, we will attract to us people, events, situations, jobs that match that belief. We are actually sending out a vibration that attracts the same vibrations to us. You’ve heard the saying, "Like attracts like."

Now, all of you Feng Shui Beginners, this is the important part! If you want to attract something new, like a new opportunity, wealth, a better mate, or just generally change the way your life is going, then you have to change your vibration first. You do that by devising your own Set of Values and changing your beliefs about yourself. If you don’t, you will just continue to attract the same things you don’t want.

To change your beliefs about yourself you will have to change what you are telling yourself.

This is your inner dialogue. That can be a difficult thing, but that is where Feng Shui comes in. If you make calculated changes in your living environment, your home, then you start to see things a bit differently and telling yourself you are making changes for the better and improving your life. The proof is all around you in the arrangement of your home, furniture, pictures, precious items etc. and they are then constant reminders of your new attitudes.

Once you do this, your vibration starts to change subtly toward attracting success and loving vibrations. Your brain seeks out similar vibrations that match the new vibration and you begin to attract what you really want in your life.

If you want your life to change, then you can see the absolute importance of getting rid of the old things that don't fit with your new life and the new you. If you keep the old stuff, you attract only the old stuff you don’t want any more! Declutter your home and only bring in things that are a match for what you really want in your life and your life begins to change.

And the Moon? We can bring our lives into sync with the Moon’s Phases by using a Moon Phases Calendar. At the New Moon the energy coming to us from it is different from the energy coming from a Full Moon and we are affected in different ways. If we adjust our rhythms of doing things to match the cycles of the moon, then the Moon’s energy can give us a helping hand instead of pushing 'you know what' up that proverbial hill!

Read Phases of the Moon Calendar to understand how to use the Moon Phases Calendar to attract what you want into your life.