Feng Shui Bedroom Tips -
Attract or Maintain a Loving Relationship

...and improve your sleep and your health.

Please take these Feng Shui bedroom tips seriously! It is a room you will be spending at lease a third of your life in just sleeping and believe me, sleep is not ‘just sleep’, nor is it a waste of time. It is to rejuvenate and regenerate your body and mind. Without sleep you die, and without healthy sleep your body and mind is adversely affected.

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The other things that can really create stress is a dysfunctional or unloving relationship, and a sluggish or dwindling cash flow. So set up your bedroom to help create a positive energy to enhance these areas of your life.

Increase your cash flow with these Feng Shui Bedroom Tips.

Using a green perspective, these Feng Shui bedroom tips have a bit more going for it in my opinion. For example, what is the use of Feng Shui if you have high electromagnetic radiation from the appliances in the bedroom keeping you awake and affecting your health? I believe that no amount of Feng Shui can cure your sleeplessness and enhance your relationship, if you have not paid attention to the health of the room. Feng Shui above all must be practical!

So here are my green Feng Shui bedroom tips and some of these will apply when you are building your home from scratch or doing a green remodel, but the rest are changes you can make to your existing bedroom. Some are easy, and some might require some extra effort but I think your life is worth it, don't you?

When building, start with the planning and download my Green Home Design Checklist.

Also, read How to Sleep Better.

  • Ensure that the bedroom gets adequate light and warmth in winter. Facing South in the Northern Hemisphere and North in the Southern Hemisphere. A cold bedroom is not very romantic. On the other hand, it must be cool in summer so protection from the western sun and adequate ventilation and insulation are important. Consider blinds or shutters on the windows for temperature control.
  • Hanging curtains, blinds or fixing shutters are important to keep the bedroom dark at night too. If you are building, have a look where the street lights are and position the bedrooms away from that light. It interferes with your production of melatonin and consequently your sleep. You will need the curtains for full moon times too.
  • When building, talk to your builder and electrician to ensure that the main electricity supply and fuse box are NOT on the wall outside any bedrooms. EMR can seriously affect your health and sleep.
  • The bedroom is for sleeping and for intimacy so; no TV’s under any circumstances. In fact, keep all the appliances out of the bedroom. No digital or glowing clocks either. If you do have any appliances in the bedroom make sure they are turned off at the wall at night.
  • If building or remodeling, make green choices with your paint, floor covering, bed and bedding, and furniture to eliminate VOCs in all your bedrooms.
  • Avoid having a ceiling fan in the bedroom, especially on a low ceiling. You should also have no chandeliers, bells, wind chimes etc. The only thing above the bed should be a soft canopy.
  • Your bed should be in a position so that you face the door from the far side of the room but are not directly in front of the door. If you can position the bed diagonally farthest from the entry this is the best possible position. If your head is near the door, or your back can be to the door while sleeping, you will feel vulnerable and not in command of your life. Your feet should never directly face the door.
  • You will also need to have a solid wall behind the bed for support. This allows you to face life directly and be in command of your space. Never put your bed under a window. If this is unavoidable then have a strong headboard on the bed. You will also need good curtains that you close every night to create the feeling of a solid wall behind you.
  • Declutter! Never leave any clutter in your bedroom, including your closet. You can buy organizers for the closet to keep it all stored neatly. It really is best to minimize the stuff you have in the bedroom so you can sleep with an uncluttered mind.
  • Ensure that there are no sharp corners of walls or furniture pointing towards your bed. Reposition them so they don’t. You can see this easily by lying on your bed and take a good look around the room to see what is pointing toward you.
  • Avoid having a desk or workspace in your bedroom. You need to keep it as purely a personal space. If this is unavoidable, then differentiate the spaces with a screen so it becomes like a separate room.
  • Do not hang pictures of naked people in the bedroom. A picture of a couple hugging and kissing, being lovingly intimate is a wonderful Feng Shui picture for those in relationship or wishing for a loving relationship. Other art for the bedroom would be red or pink/red roses, cupids (always two), and pairs of animals that mate for life.
  • Any books on display should be about loving relationships. You can buy some beautiful books on Kama Sutra, Tantra, Conscious Loving, and making your relationship work.
  • My Feng Shui Master maintains that you should only have one entrance/exit to your bedroom. If there is another exit, your partner may wander! If you do have other doors off the bedroom to the outside, consider building an enclosed garden there with no exit from it. Add a couple of perfumed and flowing shrubs, a table and two chairs, a double hammock.
  • A mirror in the bedroom is a Feng Shui No-No. If you have to have a mirror in the bedroom ensure that you cannot see yourself from the bed; it should not reflect the bed.
  • Colors for the bedroom are reds, pinks and whites. When I say reds, I mean pink/reds and some deep red. They shouldn’t be the very bright red, and keep red off the walls. Decorate with reds in soft furnishings and accessories. While red might be great for your sex life, being a high energy color it is not a restful color and will impact your sleep. While soft pink is considered the best color for the bedroom, you can also use soft pastel green or blue.

So that's it for my Feng Shui Bedroom tips. Enjoy your setting up your new bedroom, and the benefits it will bring you.

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