Family Sick... Mold?

by John
((Union Beach))

Our house in Union Beach NJ was hit by hurricane Sandy. We had flooding which caused us to have to remove our first four feet of sheetrock all around first level of our house. Kitchen, bathroom, and all the hardwood floor and sub floor was completely gutted out. Furnace in the crawl space was removed and everything was treated for mold. We are currently living on our 2nd level of our home, waiting for insurance money to pay us to replace everything. During this waiting period, members of my family are experiencing all the symptoms you mentioned earlier. As I am writing this now, my wife is at Monmouth Medical hospital in Redbank, NJ having my son checked out because he has been having severe headaches that have been lasting the last 3 days or so. I'm very glad I saw your article. I will now get some mold testing done ASAP.

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Jan 06, 2013
Thanks John
by: Carol

Hi John,
Thank you for posting your comment. I am sorry you and your family are experiencing such difficulty. You will learn much through this experience!

Just be aware that many doctors and hospitals will not acknowledge that you might have any weird symptoms from mold toxicity. We were laughed at! Some said to splash bleach on it and clean it off which would poison you more and it doesn't work. Vinegar does.

Get good advice on how to do the mold clean up and on how to factor it into your insurance.

Good luck and I do hope you are all well soon with a clean repaired home and your lives back. I know how it can overtake your life, but this too will pass if you take the right steps. :)

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