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Why would I want to Evolve on Purpose?

When you evolve on purpose you learn to conquer your fear and then everything will flow from there. Yes, I used to think I feared nothing, I was strong and yet my life wasn't what I wanted it to be. I had fear holding me back that I didn't even know I had! Well ok, so you might see what you could change in you, but why work to change the world?

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Why change the world?

I believe humanity is at a cross-road and so are all other species living on this planet with us. Unfortunately, humans live in such a way that all species and all ecosystems are effected by our radical and destructive way of life.

A few thousand years ago most of us were indigenous and pretty much living within the means of our respective environments. Our lifestyles were sustainable, meaning we didn’t endanger food supply nor did we make our environment unlivable. We managed our natural space in such a way that everything in it could continue its native existence.

There are still farms in China and India that have been owned and managed by 40 generations of the same family. This is just not possible without understanding nutrient flow, and what we in Australia would call Permaculture. If you use up all the nutrients in the soil straight up, then your crops will not be plentiful, in fact they will fail.

Without nutritious top soil humanity will not survive!

But as our societies have become more and more industrialized and consumerism has taken the world over (among other things) humans have been soiling their own nests; using up everything of usable value and spitting the waste back out around them.

Consuming all our Earth’s natural resources seems to be the goal of the corporate giants. These resources cannot be replaced, at least not in our, or the next seven generations' lifetimes. It takes thousands and millions of years to regenerate the mineral resources we are pulling out of the Earth, and decades to replace the forests we indiscriminately mow down.

"We write our history on the skin of fish with the blood of bears."
Margaret Atwood

Well what do we do with those natural resources? Oh we make stuff like plastic and steel and lots of, well stuff. We burn the oil and gas for fuel to run cars, trucks, factories, homes, planes, etc. We chop down old forests to make furniture and wood chips for the landscaping.

But there is a price for doing that and paying that price is complicated.

The price is the degradation to the environment and the destruction of its flora and fauna resulting from the exploration and extraction of those resources.

Already many nutrition experts are recommending we don’t eat seafood. Much of it is now unsafe to ingest and that is a very sad and a very scary thing. Ask yourself the question, "How do we clean up the world’s oceans so they can repopulate with healthy fish?"

Do you know how much ocean there is on this planet?

California-based sea captain and ocean researcher Charles Moore discovered what is now known as the Eastern Garbage Patch — an aggregation of plastic and other marine debris occupying some 700,000 square kilometers in the North Pacific Ocean—during a crossing of the North Pacific in 1997. In a 2003 article in Natural History Magazine, Moore reported being astounded that he couldn’t be further from land anywhere on Earth yet he could see plastic bags and other debris coating the ocean’s surface as far as the eye could see.
Scientific American, October 23, 2008

Ignoring these problems isn't a viable option, but I also think that attacking these problems directly is doomed to failure. There are already people doing that now, but they seem to be making little progress. They may slow the rate of decay a bit, but they're nowhere near reversing it. There's too much resistance, and by the time the resistance can be effectively overcome, we'll be way past the point of no return. We are almost there now!

And yet, so few people are aware of the long-range consequences of what they do because their lifestyle is so completely influenced by the spin of the marketers. They follow along like sheep instead of thinking for themselves.

So what happens when all the resources are gone?

Well Al Gore has told us all that and it is not a pretty thing. Is that what you want for your children and grandchildren? Have a good think about the horrors of a life in the future, the near future, if we don't change what we are doing.

Corporations are now like giant machines rabidly going about destroying our planet and charging us an arm and a leg for it! Oh yes they give us jobs. Well I believe there are some very good reasons why just any job is not the best answer for many of us. Read my article; Why You Should Be Your Own Boss

So why do these corporations do this to our planet and what do they get out of it? They get most of the world's money and of course they get power; power over the people. But the power over us is really in OUR minds.

We think we need to buy all the stuff that is on the market, and we think we need to buy fuel to travel around in our antiquated oil-dependent transportation that we think is so modern and sophisticated, and we think we need the job to pay for it all.

With all the technology now on this planet, if humanity were given the absolute ultimatum, "You must develop a new sustainable, non-pollutive method of transportation by the end of the week, or you and your planet dies"; do you think someone could do it? I know we could. This technology is already here but it doesn't make it to the marketplace. The big oil corporations cannot let go of the hold they have on us and what that gives them. They commit atrocious crimes against humanity and all life on this planet and get away with it. To evolve toward a better future, to evolve on purpose, it is us, the people, who must let go of them and our dependency on oil.

The corporations give us jobs which we are then too fearful to jeopardize. So we don't speak up when we don't agree with something, we may not even defend ourselves when we are attacked by a superior, we don't suggest or demand changes to the system be made when we see that the system is at odds with our morals or ethics. We don't object when we know our employer is disadvantaging our neighbors, killing our wildlife and destroying our environment. In fact, in millions of jobs, our basic human rights are trashed by the ones who gave us the wonderful job we think we so desperately need!

As a result of this and poor education, we are evolving unconsciously. We do not evolve on purpose. We are furthering the cause of a very small few, very greedy, destructive, uncaring people, by working mindlessly in their corporations like little robots. That cause only serves themselves and not us.

But we are the majority and if we all stood up together and said this isn’t good enough, and this has to change, and we must collaborate to make changes, spend our $s on green goods, before it is too late, then what could the corporations do but change what they are doing? We must all make a commitment to sustainable living encompassing the search for ways to help all people, of this generation and future ones, to thrive. When I say thrive, I mean on all levels, and that requires a clean environment for us, the animals and forests that share our planet with us.

How can we Evolve On Purpose?

The definition of evolve is: To develop or achieve gradually: evolve a style of one's own.(source; thefreedictionary.com) If we are evolving then this definition implies that there is something we might achieve that is unique to each of us. To do that everyone would need to make conscious decisions to evolve in a particular direction. This happens both individually and as social and cultural groups. The direction we decide on as individuals is our chosen purpose and is very often a vocational choice.

One major part of the process is to gain Meaningful Employment which is necessary for humans to really thrive. This could be self-employment, or work with an ethical and future thinking employer.

Why do we think we so desperately need a job that we are at odds with then?

Because we have forgotten how to sustain our lives ourselves. Our survival instincts now draw us to the refrigerator, the supermarket, the gas station…and to the job. We depend on our lives being sustained by an employer who can terminate the relationship and our sustenance, with or without good cause, at any time. Is that a sensible thing to do?

My suggestion is to start taking steps toward sustainability based on your own personal happiness.

You might decide to keep your job but work towards self-employment by studying, or developing a website at night. This successful online business is how I am building a life based on the ethics I want to live by, infused with the passion and inspiration I so want in my life. This is how I evolve on purpose. More and more of us doing this will create more and more positive change in this world.

You might start looking for a more ethical employer, or a job in a green sector. That could be anywhere and in almost any industry, so long as your ethics match that of your employer.

"How do I change my way of life in a way that advances my own evolution, and that of the whole of civilization, toward sustainability, peace between families, strangers, workers and in governments, between religions and nations, and humanity and all other species?"

This isn't meant to be just an intellectual exercise; the answers that come to you on this are what need to be acted upon. Make the changes you know will help and that might be as 'small' as making a compost heap out the back with all your scraps and then feeding that back to the garden.

What can I do?

The most effective action would be to adopt a more frugal living lifestyle. Hey you might even get all excited and dive into homesteading today! A first easy step is starting a garden, a vegetable garden and plant a fruit tree, even a dwarf fruit tree in the back yard.

If you don’t know the first thing about growing vegetables then get yourself the Food4Wealth step-by-step instruction manual which has been written with you in mind. It has been laid out with clear simple instructions and illustrations so that you can easily get started. Food4Wealth is also provided as an Audiobook so you can listen whilst you are in the garden, jogging or commuting. Step-by-Step gardening manual for beginners to learn how to grow your own healthy, live, organic food - saving money & eating chemical free! Click Here!.

Then you might decide to get a solar water heater or make a solar panel. You might get a Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Surge Protector with Autoswitching Technology to cut off the flow of electricity to your entertainment system when it is not in use.

The important thing is to make a start and there are many ways to make a green lifestyle change featured on this website.

So take the plunge and EVOLVE into a real Human Being who is helping to create the greatest civilization this planet has ever seen. Be a part of a New Humanity that has found a way to care for and nourish all life for all generations to come.

Do you know what you want in a job or self-employment? Do you already know your true vocation?
If not then you need to read this. Evolve On Purpose Part 2

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