Evolve On Purpose 3

Regain and maintain excellent health and have the strength and energy you need to fulfill your
life's purpose.

In Evolve on Purpose 3 we will be moving into conscious thinking and training your mind to correct any problems that plague your life and prevent you from living the life you know you were meant to live.

"Evolve On Purpose" is an interesting term, yes?

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It is all about conscious thinking. You might think, "Well if I am awake I am always consciously thinking. How can I be thinking if I am not conscious?" Hehe. Well I believe that most of our days are filled with thinking that is NOT conscious. Our minds are constantly full of random and unproductive thoughts. How many times have you had thoughts that go on and on and you wish they would stop? You are unconsciously allowing those thoughts to ramble around in their usual pattern, creating the usual disruptions in your life.

So how do we stop those thoughts so we can evolve on purpose?

Well there are many spiritual traditions and self-development courses that promote certain methods of stilling those thoughts. I have tried many of them and I have concluded some things.

1. Meditation is a very worthwhile practice to include in your everyday life.

2. Training your mind to correct problems, achieve success, and help to create a better world for everyone is necessary for a happy life.

3. You must answer your inner calling to do what you are here to do.

4. You need something in your life that you are passionate about and replace all the negative unconscious thoughts with positive thoughts about your passion.

5. By working on yourself, you increase your capacity to help others. And by helping others to become more conscious and conscientious, you build an environment that reinforces your own growth and which helps to insulate you from the forces that threaten to suck you back down into low-awareness living.

The Silva Method for mind control (your own, not other people's) is far and away the best method I have found for training your mind to create a happy, successful life. If you can follow simple instructions, you can learn to actually use the untapped power of your mind to help you:

  • Regain and maintain excellent health and have the strength and energy you need to fulfill your life's purpose;
  • Build fulfilling relationships to make this the best time of your life;
  • Acquire the money and resources you need to carry out your mission in life successfully;
  • Make good decisions that will bring you success, happiness, respect, fulfillment, love;
  • Develop and improve your natural ESP and use it reliably to detect information and solve problems;
  • Evolve on purpose.

Your success is totally dependent on how you use your mind.

To be successful and really happy in your life you need to train or discipline your mind. If you have a goal to be an athlete and you do not train your body to be flexible, strong and agile you will never be a successful athlete. It is the same with your mind; if you do not train the muscles of your mind to think effectively and positively, you may never get what you want and never be successful.

How much time do you spend thinking about what you DON'T want vs what you DO want?

Just take notice, you will be amazed at what you focus on. Have you ever heard the adage, "What you focus on you get?" Do you want the things you have been focusing on? Probably not. Try for a day to focus on ONLY the things you want in your life. You might find that a near-impossible task!

If you are willing to invest just 15 minutes a day, to sit back and relax and daydream, follow the simple step-by-step instructions provided for you, and let the Silva Method exercises plant new success habits deep inside your mind, then you can learn techniques that can help you find and fulfill the purpose you came here with.

When I say "fulfill your purpose" I mean that everyone on this planet came with a purpose to fulfill. You may never be a Joan of Arc, but you may have come to have 5 kids and raise them to be successful human beings. One may make significant positive changes in this world, or affect the life of a world-changing person.

When using a system to control your mind, and to manifest what you want in this world, there is something that you should be aware of. Most people when doing this with other systems do not realize one very important thing.

"You must use your new-found power for good, you must use it to help anyone you come across who needs help."

I believe, as did Jose Silva, that we came here to advance our civilization, to make changes for the better, to add beauty to this world, and to be stewards and custodians for the creatures and the trees and plants. I believe we are all supposed to work together to achieve harmony. So you are here to correct problems, and if you look around, you will find plenty to work on.

When you do that, and you use the Mental Video Technique - the last technique that Jose Silva developed before his passing - you will receive guidance and help from higher intelligence.

The Mental Video Technique is the culmination of Jose Silva's 55 years of research and experience in this field. It is the technique he sought for many years that he believed would move humanity into what he called the "second phase of human evolution on the planet."

The first phase was to develop our physical abilities and prevail over the physical world. Humanity has traveled that road for thousands of years and now has come to the next phase as our social and political structures are breaking down and failing us.

I believe as did Jose Silva that our only real recourse to "save our world" is spiritual awakening, an elevating of our consciousness, en mass. As a species we are so lost now that we must find out what higher intelligence wants us to do, and how to go about doing it. Evolve on purpose.

"The reason we were given psychic ability, is so that we can use it to find out what we were sent here to do and how to do it successfully."
Jose Silva

If you are ready to find out what you can do to turn this train around, to move into the next phase of human evolution on this Earth, then please have a look at the options you can choose from and select the ones that best suit your needs.

Please join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery.

As an exponent of self-development, I don't really see that the solving of social and global problems is what we should be throwing ourselves at unless the proponents of change themselves have evolved in consciousness.

I think those solutions we seek will be mainly a side effect of the pursuit of self-growth of many individuals, and if we would wholeheartedly throw ourselves into THAT, then our result would be the automatic solving of many of the greater problems our world faces.

Therefore, I see the pursuit of greater discipline of our minds, the development of courage, consciousness, and conscience, as a solution in itself for individuals, humanity AND our planet.

In my experience, such pursuits solve many problems for each person along the way, and often this is easier than wrestling such problems directly. The great personal reward in fact, is that your personal problems become easier and easier to solve as you progress.

For example, you can attack problems like being unable to lose weight, addictions like smoking and overeating, unsatisfying or dysfunctional relationships, and make very little headway with them. But if you work on developing your mind, courage, awareness, and self-discipline, your personal problems will solve themselves and the flow-on will be to the solution of the greater social and global problems.

Finally, when you have discovered what you are truly passionate about, and what you would really love to do in this life, you need to make a start on making it happen.

The Silva program guides you to do this, and this is what I used in the weeks leading up to starting this website.

Now I carry with me a wonderful feeling of excitement and intense joy for what I am doing.

Any time I have a negative thought, I immediately flip my mind switch to think about my business and I am immediately flooded with a warm, peaceful feeling that is often infused with inspiration. That is what happens when you are following your purpose.

But more importantly you Evolve On Purpose.

Please join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery.

This Inner Calling to do what you were meant to do, is something that can use business as a tool to answer it. However, this Inner Calling is not limited or defined by that business and may encompass much more, and have altogether different, but much better results than what you had planned for. When one is following the Inner Calling, it is the intuition that is giving guidance, and you may find that you receive and create much more than you had planned or imagined at the outset of your journey toward self-discovery. Be flexible enough to make corrections in the course you take, while being disciplined enough to remain on course with your fundamental aims, and above all LOVE what you are doing.


May your Journey be Blessed with joy and many exciting discoveries.

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