Evolve On Purpose 2

Knowing what you want is the biggest step toward getting it.

Evolve on Purpose 2: So many people, myself included, have gone out to look for a job and taken the first reasonable job to come along. We might have had a few criteria we matched the job up with but most of these are usually pretty vague. Have you ever made a list of criteria that the job must match up to? It has always been the other way around, yes? The employer has a set of criteria that YOU must match up with. So why don’t we do that for ourselves, mmm?

Because we assume they are the boss and they have all the choices!

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I have even done this with self-employment and became a slave to my business. Before I knew it I was tied to a 'job' I didn't actually like. One was a gallery in a small shop, open 7 days a week. I was in a small shopping center so my lease required me to open every day including public holidays. I had to conform to center management rules and lease conditions and was stuck in an enclosed space 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, no sickies and no holidays! This is NOT my idea of thriving, in fact it was slowly killing me. But I didn’t realize this would happen when I set up the business.

After a couple more attempts at jobs and self-employment, I realized that I needed to make a list of criteria my work MUST fulfill for me and find a job that fit all the criteria. While looking for work that fit with my ethics, I decided to design a business that fit my list.

What I did to change my life was to write down my own set of ethics or values that I wanted to live by in an ideal world.

Do you know what you want in a job or self-employment?

What is your set of ethics or values?

My List of Ethics/Values is:

  • My lifestyle must have as little impact on the environment (carbon footprint) at possible.
  • My spiritual values uphold equality, peace, freedom, and nourishment for all beings.
  • I need to contribute to advancing the evolution of the human race toward the highest ideal, and by working on myself, I increase my capacity to help others.
  • I want to freely disseminate the knowledge I have to any and all who will benefit from it, and to help them find a path away from a life of quiet desperation and towards a life of courage, purpose, and self-responsibility.
  • In everything I do, I want my life and work to be an example for my children and others to aspire to.
  • I believe we are meant to be happy and my work and lifestyle must support this ideal.
  • I must be free to help others attain their own ideals and basic human rights.
  • In all my dealings I am honest, open, compassionate and considerate.
  • My family (including the next generations) are considered in all my decisions.
  • It is my wish to not use products nor support any enterprise that uses animals for testing, deliberately destroys the environment of people or animals, or harms my health. (This is obviously an ideal that needs to be worked toward when it comes to transport, plastics etc.)

Do you already know your true vocation?

Make a list of your own criteria for your meaningful work.

My Work and Lifestyle List is:

  • My work must NEVER hurt me in any way. It must support optimum health for me and anyone who works with me.
  • I must be passionate about my work and love what I am doing. It must make me happy.
  • It must fit within my set of ethics
  • This work must be no more than 5 hours per day, unless I happily choose to do more.
  • My work must help disseminate enlightened ideas about doing business and living a happy life in harmony with our world.
  • The absolute best thing I can do is to implant and strengthen the seed of conscious personal growth through my business endeavors, in cooperation with other people who have similar missions.
  • To systematize and automate my online income as much as possible, so I have the freedom to pursue higher level projects without having to invest too much time and energy in making extra income.
  • I endeavor to work towards doing work from wherever I am, whether that be at home or anywhere in the world. (The Internet is awesome!)
  • I want to be using all my skills and talents so no part of my development is wasted.
  • My work must supply me with enough money to do whatever I want to do, and buy whatever I want. (Within the boundaries of sustainable consumerism.
  • I want to be able to take holidays whenever and wherever I want, while my business continues to make my income. (In co-operation with family and work tasks.)
  • My work must allow me to take the rest and recuperation my body, mind and spirit require for optimum health.
  • I must be able to make all decisions that will affect my life and happiness.
  • I REALLY want to be my own boss whether I am in a job or self-employment. (I believe this is a state of mind and level of inner achievement.)
  • I want my "retirement" to be a time for me to collect on my online business: it should keep me financially viable, passionate about life, and give me choices.
"Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values." - Ayn Rand

Ok, now I know what you are thinking. "Yeah, in a perfect world!" Well there are people out there that actually live like that, and that is the ideal I am aiming for and working towards. So this is not just a list for what I want my job to be like. It is a list for how I want my lifestyle to be, and my work is a part of my wonderful lifestyle. In fact, my work should feed my lifestyle; actually nourish it. Imagine that!

I saw an interview with Michael Jordan after a game and the interviewer asked him how he got that last amazing long shot that saved the match. Michael replied in a droll tone, "I aimed for it."

If you want something wonderful in your life, have the courage to live consciously. That is, take aim and go for it. This article is all about taking aim. If you don’t aim for the target do you think you will ever hit it? Probably not. So work out what you are aiming for.

I don’t want you to just copy my lists, but sit down and have a really good think about it and make your own. Think on what jobs have worked for you and which ones haven’t and work out why they did or didn’t. What parts of those jobs or businesses did you really like, and which parts did you hate? What great things do others get to do that you don’t? Do the same for your relationships etc. This is how you work out your list.

Then what you will need to do is align your commitments with your ethics/values. As you start to match up your list with prospective jobs you will work out bit by bit what you really want in your life. This is especially valuable for new business ideas. You will be able to hone those ideas, mold them to fit your work and lifestyle criteria, NOT the other way around.

Do your utmost to adhere to your ethics and values, and your work and lifestyle list.

Remember some of the points will be ideals you will need to work towards bit by bit. I cannot go totally solar immediately, and I do have to drive a car. But I can aim for a hybrid car next time, and start the alternative energy ball rolling bit by bit. Rome wasn’t build in a day!

So be gentle with yourself but be firm. Knowing what you want is the first step toward getting it. Creating it consciously is a matter of making the same right decisions every day. Keep your list handy and keep it in your mind. You will find that you will begin to apply this list to everything that you do. You will make better decisions when you are shopping, spending and investing your money, forming relationships, and in every area of your life. If something is not working for you, work out why and make adjustments to your lifestyle and your thinking.

Before you know it your life will EVOLVE ON PURPOSE.

Do you want to regain and maintain excellent health and have the strength and energy you need to fulfill your life's purpose?
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