Electromagnetic Radiation
Protect Yourself and Your Family

EMR (electromagnetic radiation) or EMF's (electromagnetic fields) are emitted by mobile phones, cordless phones, phone towers/antennas, TV, WIFI networks, FM and AM broadcast antennas, microwave ovens, computers and televisions, and many other sources.

It has been found that Electromagnetic radiation can interfere with not only medical and scientific equipment but also with our bodies.

It has been linked with diseases such as brain tumors, Alzheimer's disease, and childhood leukemia. Many international authorities are now urging that precautions be taken to reduce our exposure to them.

When Phillips and Winters (Cancer Research 46 (1986)) exposed human colon and brain cancer cells to 60 Hz fields, they reported that cancer cells proliferated and became more resistant to immune system attack. Within one week, malignant growth of human cancer cells exposed to EMR were cloning six times as fast (International Journal of Radiation Biology 49, (1986).)

Unlike some other forms of pollution, electromagnetic pollution exists almost everywhere, because EMR surrounds us not only at work and at home, but also in the environment. Therefore this is an issue affecting everyone.

In other words, our growing exposure to electromagnetic energy fields is becoming more and more of a serious threat to the health of everyone including the health of our children.

How do I limit my exposure to EMR?

The first thing you can do to reduce this exposure, especially to your children, is to create a sleep sanctuary for them and for yourself.

Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation with Safe Space


More pointers to cut EMR in your home...

* The incoming power supply and the main electrical panel should be situated away from all main living areas and especially bedrooms. The exterior wall of the garage is the best place for it.

* Ensure the electrician doing the work is familiar with principles to eliminate electrical fields and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that can harm health.

* All bedrooms should have kill switches installed to cut off the electricity. To set up a Sleep Sanctuary you must eliminate all electrical fields which cause sleep disturbances; this is a necessity. Sleep deprivation and exposure to EMR when sleeping causes long-term health issues.

* A kill switch or allowing for all electrical items such as TV's, stereos etc in the living room to be on one Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Surge Protector with Autoswitching Technology, 10-Outlet, is also a good thing for saving on electricity usage.

* Cell phones, cordless phones, computers and other electronic devices have been proven to cause biological damage to the body. Mounting scientific evidence suggests that even moderate use of these electronic devices can lead to disorders such as fatigue, memory loss, infertility and tumors.
Keep mobile phones off your body and at least 2 meters away from you when sleeping but preferably in another room.
Get yourself an EMR purifier/protector to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation.

*See my Certifications page for Certification Labels and energy ratings to look for on your electrical products to ensure you are getting a safe, energy smart product!

*Also take a look at the Green Home Design Checklist and see what green changes you can make to your home now.

EMR exposure can also be a contributing factor in SBS or Sick Building Syndrome.

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