Use Eco Friendly Products
in the Laundry

Are you looking for
a Revolutionary New Way to
Clean Your Clothes
That is Environmentally Safe and
Will Save You Water?

Do you or your family members have eczema? Have you ever made the connection between the harsh chemicals you might be washing your clothes and bedding in, and this sometimes debilitating skin condition?

Have you ever made the connection between your itchy skin, dermatitis, or eczema and allergies and the cleaning products you are using? Think again. Unless you are choosing to use organic eco friendly products in the laundry, then you are loading your body with toxic chemicals that can cause all of the above conditions!, IncOrganically clean your home without having to drain your budget. Gaiam provides a wide range of non-toxic, eco-friendly housecleaning supplies and natural stain removers.
No toxic chlorine or harsh phosphates! Play it safe with your family.

Miracle Wash Laundry Balls

Here is the Quickest, Easiest Way To Do Your Washing That Will SAVE You 'Loads' of WATER, MONEY, TIME and ... it Contains NO Harsh Chemicals that can Harm your Skin and Your Health!

I am really excited to introduce to you a Revolutionary New Product called
Miracle Wash ® Laundry Balls that's Guaranteed to Slash your laundry costs by 48%.


* No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate * No Petrochemicals * No Harsh Detergents * No Toxic Chemicals * No Animal Testing

Here's how Miracle Wash ® Laundry Balls can help you...

  • Eliminate Chemicals - contains No Harsh Chemicals!
  • Save on your water bill - turn your rinse cycle off!
  • Get rid of messy expensive laundry detergents!
  • Save you Money - refills available
  • Have a healthy lifestyle - they are Anti Bacterial and Hypo-allergenic

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This is seriously one of the best products you can buy to go green and improve your health. Keep your children's skin safe from the chemicals in detergents with Miracle Wash ® Laundry Balls.