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Eco friendly products in the bathroom can save you money...

Here's one that will save you lots of money!

We recently moved house and when we emptied the old house we found mold growing everywhere, even on the inside of all the windows. We hadn't noticed it before we started to clean them all down. Last summer was a particularly wet one!

We ran out of green cleaners so I picked up the white vinegar (kills mold) and started cleaning the windows with newspaper and a splash of vinegar. Well I tell you it was absolutely the best thing I have ever used to clean mirrors and glass!

We ended up cleaning everything with vinegar and the whole house smelled progressively cleaner and fresher with no residual vinegar smell. After a couple of windows, we didn't even notice the vinegar smell while using it and best of all it didn't irritate my respiratory tract, hands, or eyes.

So consider the good old fashioned vinegar when cleaning the bathroom, toilet and windows. It really is fantastic!, Inc Natural Cleaning Products

Organically clean your home without having to drain your budget. Gaiam provides a wide range of non-toxic, eco-friendly housecleaning supplies and natural stain removers.
No toxic chlorine or harsh phosphates! Play it safe with your family.
Pure Natural Soap

All Dr Bronners Soaps are guaranteed:

  • Made with Organic Oils
  • 100% Cruelty Free - Not Animal Tested
  • No Foaming Agents
  • 100% Biodegradable!

Dr Bronners Magic All-One
Liquid and Bar Soaps

Pure Clean Water

The Aquasana AQ-4105 Shower Filter with Handheld Massage Wand uses patented filtration technology to remove chlorine and reduce synthetic chemicals and VOCs from your shower water and to balance pH, for the best shower experience possible. chlorine, VOCs and SOCs remove natural oils from the skin and hair and can cause or aggravate asthma and other respiratory illnesses. The hand-held shower head has an adjustable swivel collar that allows for adapted water pressure to provide the most refreshing shower experience ever, and is also a convenient way to fill your bath tub or wash your baby with clean, filtered water. The Aquasana shower experience is as close as you can come to showering in natural spring water. Water the way mother nature intended ... healthy. The Aquasana system provides the healthiest, most refreshing shower experience you will ever have. We guarantee it! All Aquasana products come with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Order now!

Or fit a fixed Aquasana AQ-4100 Shower Filterto your shower.

Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - All purpose microfiber cloths are great for everyday cleaning. Quickly collects dust like a magnet and absorbs spills easily. This versatile microfiber cloth will work great in and around your home. Washable and Reusable

These cloths will significantly reduce your need for cleaning products and SAVE YOU MONEY!

Cloths, towels, scourers, mops, pads, dusters and mitts.

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