Companies Going Green Can
Make Some Simple Changes.

Ride the Wave of Change and
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Think of Companies going green and you will be thinking of a fast track toward making a bigger difference when it comes to less pollution, cleaner waterways, lower carbon footprint and less energy usage. In fact there are many more benefits and one of the big ones is healthier people taking less sick days.


It needn't hurt the budget and can increase profitability.

Simple Steps for Companies Going Green

Of course there are the obvious ways like installing solar panels, but here are some more suggestions that you might not have thought of:

  • Companies going green find ecologically sustainable sources for their products and materials used in manufacture. A fantastic example is the Oro Verde Gold Mine in the ecological hot-spot of Choco, Columbia. They have also created the first Certification System for precious metals in the world and support more than 700 people who are protecting over 4,500 hectares of tropical rainforest whilst also improving their food security. What an amazing thing to be doing and what a contrast from the usual cyanide and mercury poisoned gold mining landscapes!
  • Support locally made and Fair Trade products, including your staff's tea and coffee.
  • Encourage the staff to car pool. If you have a social club that would be a great platform to start this.
  • If you are not on a bus run, perhaps you can encourage your local authorities to include your street on the route. Then think of some reward for people who take the bus.
  • When replacing old equipment like computers, printers, fridges etc make sure you get the best Energy Star rated products.
  • Do deals with suppliers of computers, printers, televisions, fridges etc to also supply your staff with discounts if they buy the highest Energy Star rated models.
  • Shop for Green Office Supplies to restock your office stationery, supplies and kitchen.
  • Get in an expert to do an energy audit for your business and do a deal with them to discount home energy audits for any staff who request one.
  • Air conditioning is a huge load on energy supplies and our environment. If every business turned it down by only 2 degrees in winter and up by 2 degrees in summer, it would make a huge difference to your energy consumption and the electricity bill.
  • Have the air conditioners cleaned every year.
  • Swap to energy efficient lighting.
  • Make the change to all recycled paper and emails instead of memos.
  • Turn off all equipment that can be turned off every night.
  • Consult an expert to ensure your building is well insulated.
  • Encourage more staff to walk or ride a bicycle to work by installing showers and a locker for them. Of course you will want a water saver shower head and a solar water heater.
  • When repainting or recarpeting always opt for low-emission products with no toxicity.
  • Install a hot/cold water filter for the staff's drinking water supply.
  • If you or a social club supply tea and coffee for staff, ensure you are using Organic brands.

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