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If you love coffee but not the caffeine

You are searching for a coffee substitute so most of you will probably have similar reasons for searching. This is my story of why and how I switched to my favorite coffee substitute and rarely have a 'real' coffee anymore.

Firstly, if you love coffee and do not want to live without it, consider this. Coffee is one of the most sprayed crops on the planet. I found that some brands of coffee made me shake, my heart would palpitate and race, and then I would have a coffee at home and that wouldn't happen.

The difference was that at home I was drinking organic coffee. So even though I am recommending a coffee substitute, if you just don't want to sacrifice your coffee, then drink an organic, free trade brand and save yourself from the chemical overload.

Of course, you can drink a decaf, organic, and fair trade coffee...they are available.

The Best Coffee Substitute...

We have all heard about the evils of drinking coffee and the effects of caffeine on the body and many people are choosing to “go caffeine free”. Of course there is decaf coffee, but then we read about the methods of decaffeination being unhealthy too.

Now I am someone who drinks coffee for that wonderfully enticing coffee aroma and taste. In fact, because of our many travels my husband and I became something of the coffee connoisseurs we are today, who demand a rich, full, strong coffee taste without too much bitterness, and a feeling of upliftment and refreshment with the last sip. Mmhmm

Addicted you think? Well, let’s say coffee is something I have enjoyed in excess, and in moderation throughout my life. But now I am wanting to make a change to something that IS healthy, has an alkalizing effect on my body (rather than acid), and still gives me that “Aaahhh, that was good!” feeling to the last drop.

Buy Teeccino

Whilst holidaying on the Sunny Coast of Queensland,
Australia (one of our favorite places), we were
shopping for goodies in a wonderful Organic Food Store,
and picked up a can of Teeccino Herbal Coffee ,
hopeful we had found a coffee substitute we could
love or at least live with!

So into our trusty little espresso machine it went and WOW what an experience. Now it didn’t taste like a flat white…no. It tastes much more than that…dates, vanilla, nutty, chocolatey. What a treat! And it worked just as well in the plunger!

So off to Teeccino’s website I went and found quite a range of including 75% Organic Java, “a strong coffee bite softened with slight sweetness”. Now this flavor I could have every day. It tastes almost the same as coffee, with just a slight hint of something exotic. Yes, a gourmet coffee taste.

Personally, I first bought the sample pack which is a package of 10 different flavors and styles of their herbal coffee, including the stunningly good Organic Chocolate – “velvety chocolate with a hint of heat from chiles”. The 75% Organic Mocha is marvelous too! Each package makes 6 cups so you can get a good feel for which flavors you want to purchase larger quantities of.

But I must say that the Hazelnut has now become my favorite, with Java and Organic Chai coming at a tie for a close second.

Undoubtedly, Teeccino make the BEST coffee substitutes or Herbal Coffee I have ever tasted. (I’ve tried a lot!)

Yep, I am hooked on a healthy substitute for my beloved coffee hehe. Teecino gives me:

  • a natural energy boost from nutrients not stimulants;
  • Prebiotic - the Inulin from chicory root supports the beneficial microflora needed for digestion;
  • Antioxidants from ingredients like carob, barley, ramon nuts and spices;
  • Non-acidic – helps restore alkaline balance Natural energy boost;
  • Contains heart-healthy potassium;
  • Brewed Teeccino is gluten free.

To buy Click Here Choose from the wonderful range of flavors of all purpose grinds in 11oz packets or 16oz cans. Just brew in a plunger or espresso machine like ground coffee or buy the one cup Tea Bags.

ALSO AVAILABLE, Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee, Hazelnut, 10-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)
Easy-to-brew anywhere, anytime
Freshly brewed flavor is superior to instant beverages
TEE-BAGS - Teeccino Maya Herbal Coffee Chocolate
& Teeccino Maya Herbal Coffee French Roast – In Boxes of 10

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