The Causes of Climate Change;
Is It Our Fault?

Are we really one of the major causes of climate change and global warming?

The causes of climate change have been hotly debated, and continues to be thrown around at all levels of discussion and debate!

But you know what? I actually feel the question of are we causing it, is an irrelevant question that keeps major groups like governments and corporations stuck. While they are arguing among themselves they are still polluting and our world is becoming more and more uninhabitable not only for us humans but for all life on this planet.

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Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?

The term "butterfly effect" is related to the work of Edward Lorenz. It is a metaphorical term given to the concept of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory. You know the analogy of the pebble thrown into a pond creates progressively larger ripples, meaning a small change at one place can have greater effects elsewhere.

That means that whatever we do, there is a resulting effect somewhere in the world. For example, if you chop down one tree, you might destroy an owls' nest. Some owls nest in the same tree each year. Now because the tree is gone, the owls go to nest elsewhere, so they are not hunting for mice on your little hobby farm every day. Because the owls were the only thing keeping the mice in check, the mice multiply and you now have a rodent problem.

You put out poison and the dog accidentally eats it and dies an agonising death. Some small native animals eat the poison and go away to die, but other larger animals eat the smaller ones and become sick from the poison, and so on and on the repercussions go. But by the time the action gets to this level of the ripple effect, no one can track the cause of why a certain creature 10 kms away from the owl's tree may have no offspring that year and appears to be sterile. No matter what you do, there is a ripple radiating out from your action affecting other living beings and ecosystems and the cause of the effect becomes untraceable.

I believe we are affecting our environment and we are the major contributor to climate change. We have polluted the air, the waterways, ourselves, animals, the soil, our food and even our outer atmosphere with our space junk. We have cut down way too much of the Earth's forests, turned forests, scrub and meadows into deserts, brought thousands of creatures to extinction and the powers that be are still arguing the question of whether our activities are one of the major causes of climate change and global warming!

Are we in a natural cycle of climate change?

Personally, I believe that we are amid a natural cycle of change the Earth goes through every several thousand years. There are no written records of the last time this occurred, only what the archaeologists and geologists can glean from their findings, and ancestral stories from native cultures. There is not a lot of conclusive evidence to prove anything either way. (If you find some please update me!)

So if the Earth is going through a natural cycle and the causes of climate change and global warming are natural, if these weather changes are going to happen anyway, is that an excuse to keep polluting, plundering and destroying everything in our path?

Hello! We actually need clean air, clean water and nutritious food for our very lives. To get that we need trees for air and rain, clean waterways and a lot less chemicals in our drinking water and food. We need healthy living soil to grow our food. If those things deteriorate past a certain point then we get sick and die, as do most other species of life on this planet. In case you haven't noticed, modern medicine is not preventing nor curing cancer or even getting close. In fact the statistics of people getting cancer are multiplying.

So does it really matter who is right?

I don't think we can reverse climate change and global warming now, but if we pull our heads in and truly make enormous efforts to stop causing the deterioration and degradation of our life giving resources, turn everything around to living sustainably, then maybe we just might make it through these Earth changes and limit global warming. We may even find that life is ever so much better than it was before and we will come together into a new way of living and being on this beautiful planet.

If we don't change, I don't believe we will destroy this planet. But I do believe we will destroy humanity and rob perhaps billions of other creatures of their habitats and their lives too.

Life as we know it will be gone.

Yes there are many changes to be made but we the people have the power to make it happen. The corporations and the market are driven by demand. If we give ourselves a green education, stop buying the toxic products and only buy the green organic ones, then guess what? The corporations and governments will have no choice but to change the products they sell, the producers and manufacturers will have to change their materials and processes, and great change will occur.

We can all advocate for clean, wind energy etc. We need to stop removing oil and coal from the Earth and releasing it as carbon into our atmosphere.

The Climate Reality Project have created their e-book, The 12 Questions Every Climate Activist Hears and What to Say, where they detail the most common misconceptions and arguments against the reality of man-made climate change – and simple ways to explain why they’re totally wrong.

You can affect your own great changes by choosing to spend your dollars differently. Choose to use clean energy, buy green and eco-friendly products, lower your carbon footprint, and be a giant of change in this world, now, because now may be all we have.

Do your bit to ensure that humanity is NOT one of the major causes of climate change today, and Go Green!

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