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We ALL need clean air to breathe, especially allergy and asthma sufferers, smokers, owners of indoor pets…

Which are the best air cleaners?

Looking for the best air cleaners/home purifier systems can be pretty confusing. Do you just want better smelling air or do you want to improve/maintain your health? Nice smelling air is not necessarily clean air! I will try to sort out any confusion for you.

Breathe Easy with Multi-Tech II XJ-3000C Advanced Air Purifiers

Many home air cleaners are designed for a specific need so it is best to go for one that combines several air cleaning technologies in one air purifier.

Firstly, you will see air cleaners also referred to as; air filters, air purifiers, home air cleaners, room air cleaners, air conditioner filters, air ionizer, hepa air filter, electronic air filters and on and on it goes.

Everyone wants to buy the best air cleaners on the market but I know you want the best deal too.

Filterless air cleaners

Some air cleaners, eg electrostatic air cleaners, don’t have filters and these might not be the best option for you because they get full of particles in the first few minutes of use and then after that they really aren’t filtering anything more out of the air. They will then just chew through your electricity!

The best technology to filter molds, particulates, chemicals and allergens is to use a filtered device; you want your air to pass through filters. So the best air purifiers have filters and you will need to change the filters over the years. You will need access to filter replacements when you need them – anything from every 6 months to 5 years depending on which air purifier you choose.

According to United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks. The best way to address this risk is to control or eliminate the sources of pollutants, and to ventilate a home with clean outdoor air.

Poor indoor air quality is now one of the biggest causes of disease and is even killing people! So the cheapest air cleaner is not necessarily going to filter the air in the way you want or need it to.

The Best Air Cleaners

I consider the Multi-Tech XJ-3000C Air Purifier to be the all-round best home purifier systems.

The Multi-Tech XJ-3000C Air Purifier uses True HEPA Filtration: True HEPA filters (recommended by the Dept. of Homeland Security) are more effective than any other type of air filter at capturing dust, pollen, ragweed, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, cigarette smoke and other allergens.

It combines 6 proven air cleaning technologies:

  1. Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter
  2. Activated Carbon Air Filter
  3. True HEPA Air Filter
  4. Germicidal Ultraviolet Light
  5. Sanitizer
  6. Air Ionizer

This is one of the most effective air purifiers for the cost!

This air purifier has the ability to remove chemicals, fumes and gases and kills micro-organisms.

If you want to read more about the Multi-Tech XJ-3000C Air Purifier just click on the link.

Be Blessed with fresh clean air for better health.

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