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Going Green

...and simple happiness can be yours.

For me, the benefits of going green are many and I will list them here for you. The order I list them in is not preferential because on any day they can all have the same value as each other…for me.

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I would love to hear about any benefits of going green you have to offer. At the end of this page you can contribute yours for others to read. Please do.

  • I have a cause I believe in and am passionate about. It has even provided me with my work from business ideas that I have turned into successful online businesses.
  • My passion enlivens me. I feel great about myself and my life. I can hold my head up knowing I am doing the right thing. I have my set of ethics and I live by them. Living by your set of ethics gives you confidence. I recently read a research paper that concluded that people who have more confidence are more likely to survive cancer and other serious illnesses. Believe me, it is worth enlivening your life and your mind and body by living your passion!


  • Going green improves and maintains my health! By choosing to eat organic, chemical free food I am healthier. By choosing natural, sustainable products I am not poisoning myself and my family. By growing my own fruit and vegetables I get exercise, fresh air and sunshine and the produce has a much higher nutrient value.
  • By using natural health remedies I am healthier and happier. I make educated choices on whether to use a prescription medication, and on rare occasions I have had to, or to use natural medicines to heal myself. But I use herbs every day of my life and they help me maintain my health to the point where I am rarely sick. A couple of years ago I went to China for a month and came back sick from the pollution in the air and in the food. I had one respiratory illness after another for about a year. I had to take antibiotics for acute swelling in my throat, for laryngitis, and for a tooth abscess. I had to. But for a cold or flu, minor infections, viruses, irritations and first aid, I know how to heal myself with natural methods and remedies. That way I am not polluting my body and mind further with chemical drugs.
  • Choosing cruelty free products improves the lives of animals. If you actually go to one of the labs where they test your cosmetics on poor defenseless animals, you would think again before buying a popular brand that has tortured countless animals to death. It is not just rats, they torture dogs, monkeys, cats...science and the cosmetic industry tortures them!
  • Simple happiness is mine. All of these benefits of going green conspire to make me happy. Even when things happen in my relationships, and they do, I have that simple happiness that arises from doing daily what I know is right for me and my world.
  • Living Green is my spirituality, my quest towards greater self-discipline. Going green helps Earth’s creatures – trees, plants, animals, humans, AND our planet Earth. It is my service to the Earth and humanity. Going Green expresses my gratitude for my life and everything I am blessed with. This helps fulfill my purpose for being here, my life’s purpose. This is my Dharma. I believe that living this way is necessary to maintain the natural order of things. I may not have it all right and in place yet, but every day I strive toward greater self-discipline and new levels of living ethically and reducing my ecological footprint; my carbon footprint.
  • Going Green and living green improves my Karma. However you believe in Karma, and my belief may not fit the classical belief of Buddhist philosophy and religion, everything you do has a consequence for yourself and for others. I do not wish to contribute to the torturing and imprisoning of animals and the desecration of their habitat, because I love them. I also believe that if I did buy the products that are tainted with their suffering and their blood, it would have consequences for me and contribute to the karma of the scientists who hurt them.
    I cannot on one hand bemoan the loss of the Amazon rainforest and on the other hand, buy a piece of furniture made from an Indonesian rainforest tree. These opposing actions create a split in my psyche and from that split comes guilt. It may be a small guilt but they mount up. I do not want that guilt. I want guilt-free happiness.
  • Going green has decreased my frequency of shopping, the amount of shopping and so the $$s spent on aimless shopping. You know when you go into one of those got everything shops, (in Australia they are the likes of Crazy Clarks, Wayne's World and even Bunnings) and you pick up things you had no intention of buying when you walked in. I call that aimless shopping. If you only purchase things you need, things that are "green", you narrow your choices down considerably. By "green", I mean sustainable and cruelty free i.e. made using sustainable farming or manufacturing practices with sustainable materials, possibly free trade, not tested on animals, and recyclable.Don’t get me wrong. I still buy things made of plastic but I make a judgement with regard to its lifespan. If it is cheap, made in China stuff that will last a short time and require me to buy another, then I don’t want it. If it is strong sturdy plastic, will last me many years and not harm me then I will buy it if I need it, and if there is no natural alternative that is better than that plastic. Nowadays it is very difficult to avoid plastic! Choose items that are good quality and will last a long time. So going green has also reduced my repeat purchasing.
  • Going green can save you a lot of money. As I said earlier, it saves my money in less shopping. As you implement more of my going green tips you will find you are spending less and less. Solar panels save you big $$s. Growing your own fruit and vegetables and preserving the excess you save even more $$s. Less visits to the doctors saves you $$s. Walking or cycling, and even catching public transport saves you $$s. In Sydney, Australia the median monthly parking cost is $US657!
  • By going green you get to have your say in the growing Green Revolution. By spending your $$s differently you are essentially voting for certain products and services. I will NOT vote for businesses that torture animals and starve people. I will NOT vote for Monsanto so they can destroy the world’s food crops, harm people's health, and cause the starvation of whole populations. I choose to spend my $$s on ethically produced, healthy products.

These are the major benefits of going green, but I am sure there are many more. If you have any to add please use the form below to do so. I will publish any I feel are relevant :)

May you be Blessed with simple happiness.

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What are the benefits of going green you have experienced?

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