Want an Art Supplies Store that carries Non-Toxic Art Supplies?

Chances are if you searched on Art Supplies Stores and clicked on my page, then you are really looking for Toxic Free, and Eco Friendly Art Supplies. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack yes?

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These days art supplies stores do stock some toxic-free materials but make sure you talk to the store manager about the ingredients.

But just so you know, watercolors, acrylic paint, gouache, water-based inks, and colored pencils while not being completely toxic free, will have little or no impact on your health unless you get them all over you or eat them! You can use oil pastels fairly safely too as there is no dust from them.

Pastels, the chalky kind, are toxic and you breathe in the dust from them.

I have used pastels a lot and developed a routine that saved me from some of that toxicity, but it was involved and time-consuming. Also the spray, Workable Fixative that you use to fix the pastels so they don't smudge, is worse than anything I have used. Always take it outside to spray, hold your breath, quickly walk away after spraying, and don't bring the drawing inside until it is dry.

This pastel painting is © 2012 Carol Walden. Please do not copy this image; it is in a private collection.

The only way to use pastels!

If you want to use pastels, and they do result in exquisite paintings, then I recommend you use PanPastels. They have many advantages over the pastel sticks...

  • The softest quality stacked in interlocking jars
  • Each pan contains 35% more material than the average pastel stick
  • They are a low-dust formulation (there is hardly any dust)- not needing to be sprayed with fixative between colors
  • Allows you to apply ultra thin "glazing" layers and veils of color
  • They are erasable and fully compatible with traditional pastel sticks, pastel surfaces, and conventional fixatives.
  • They can be mixed, blended, layered, and applied like paint for an infinite palette of colors.

Stay tuned - I am ordering some and will upload a demonstration video soon. But in the meanwhile, go here to see a demonstration of PanPastels. I guarantee you will LOVE them!

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