All about me and Why I'm so Passionate about Going Green...

Hi, my name is Carol and this page is about me and what I do!

I live in sunny Queensland, Australia. I used to believe that I lived in the lucky country.

To a great extent I still believe that, and compared to millions of people, I do. However, our way of life has changed, and the things I loved most are just not the same anymore.

The truth is, we Australians are rapidly losing our clean, green environment; our dream of owning our own plot of dirt; our forests and natural bushland; our wildlife; the ease of getting a meaningful job and keeping it for as long as we wanted, even into retirement; and for that matter, we are losing our dream of retirement. Many people in his country start their own business but now our taxes are among the highest in the world and it hits most small businesses very hard.

Leaving the children a legacy is becoming increasingly difficult with retirement and nursing homes gobbling up peoples' entire assets.

But I want to leave my kids a legacy that will help them in more ways than one. I want to leave them a better world to thrive in than we have at the moment.

Everyone I talk to wants to do something to save our environment from this seeming inevitable slaughter, and to live a better lifestyle, but no-one seems to know what they can do!

No one person has to do it all but if each one of us follow our heart and our own inclinations we will find the small things that we can do to create a sustainable future and a healthy environment. -
John Denver

Now I'm a greenie from way back, and I do "green" things in my everyday life that I know everyone could be doing; and if everyone was living a greener lifestyle, then we could make a difference.

But there were aspects of my life that I desperately wanted to change. I didn't want to work in some meaningless job forever and I didn't want to be a slave to a brick and mortar small business. Interestingly, it took me a long time to figure out exactly what I do want!

Now I know what I want...

I want to make enough income to pay my bills, holiday and travel at least 4 times every year, have enough income to help out my kids when they need it, and to buy the things I know I really want - like my own straw-bale solar passive home on a couple of acres close to town, and grow as much of my own food as I possibly can. I also want a small urban forest in there!

Another important change however, is that I want to work for myself, from home or wherever I am, traveling or on holiday. That wish translated into having my own web based business - Yes, my own ridgy-didge website! (Ridgy-didge means fair dinkum in Oz:)

“Never be afraid to tread the path alone. Know which is your path and follow it wherever it may lead you; do not feel you have to follow in someone else’s footsteps.”
Eileen Caddy

So how did I do it?

I looked at so many online businesses and spent so much time and money searching for how to achieve my dream that I almost would have been forgiven for giving up. But giving up is not in my nature - yes, tenacious to the end!

Somewhere in my internet travels, I came across SBI, or Solo Built It. These people help you turn your passion and/or product into an income producing website.

Now when I read that I was hopeful and I was skeptical. I knew that I didn't know the first thing about building a website - and I mean NOTHING! But my first introduction to SBI was the Video Tour (or the Quick Tour if you're on dial up).

Anyone, can use SBI and build a successful website. You need no prior knowledge of HTML or website building to do this. Thousands of people like me, have built SBI sites and hundreds proven to be in the Top 1% of all sites on the Web. Take a look at some of them...

The first thing you will notice is that there are an incredible amount of topics that people base their SBI sites on. In fact, I think the list is endless. And, if you just want a website business and don't know what to base it on, SBI helps you choose your niche topic.

I have no product to sell. How do I make money?

There are many ways to make money with a website business like, selling your own products and services, Google advertising, affiliate marketing (selling other people's products for a commission), creating information products to sell, and all of this is fully explained in SBI.

So many of us have knowledge in our heads that we can use. Going Green for instance, was my "soap box". I was always sprouting green pearls of wisdom and talking about it to my friends.

I am also a Feng Shui Consultant. So I have integrated my Feng Shui knowledge into the Going Green info. After all, one can't really work 100% without the other in my opinion. You can also get lots of ideas from other SBIers too by having a look at these Case Studies

What if I Just Can't Make it Work?

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Solo Build It is totally risk free. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like it. They are happy to let you try it out and see if you like it, and frankly, I don't purchase anything on the net without a guarantee like that.

Oh, and if you have any questions about Solo Build It here's a cool Q&A form to get your questions answered by the professional team Ask Away

I have a lot of people asking me how I set up my website. They all tell me they wish they could do the same and ditch their dull job and start really living a greener lifestyle. My friends are really quite inspired by what I am doing and some are daring to do the same with their own unique passions and ideas.

Here's what I say to them...

If you can dream it, YOU can do it!

Build Your Own Successful Online Business

Work From Home With SBI!

So, what are you waiting for...don't just dream it, DO IT!

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